Premiere: Scafetta Gets The Crowds Hyped w/ “Maybe Next Year” [Track Write-Up]

Scafetta Gives “Dabills” A Facelift In His NEW VIP Reiteration Titled “Maybe Next Year” Garnering A Stadium-Sized Fresh Sound & Structure.

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Scafetta, a Buffalo, New York-based multi-genre electronic dance music producer is no stranger to our skies but if you are late to the tailgate party, then definitely listen up because you are in for a treat.

This budding producer is proud to announce the release of his follow up variant to his anthemic original take on “Dabills“, a previously released dubstep banger that showcases to the vocals of the Buffalo Bills‘ fight song known nonother than “Shout“.

Dabills” and “Maybe Next Year” is a direct tip of the hat to the NFL teams increasingly successful year in the AFC conference before they were slated to take the ring in the Super Bowl of 2023. But, to any mega-fan of the sport knows that this year will not be their year. So, with that being said “Maybe Next Year” takes fruition and the title of the track was born.

We are here to give you the early listen and premiere to this highly addictive and wildly fun take on bass music via Maybe Next Year

Hoisting the original’s center focal elements to the fight song, Scafetta raises the bar in his new “Maybe Next Year” by adding in an upbeat intro and menacing builds. Then, Scafetta lets it all go buck wild with freeform basslines, brassy growls, manipulated vocals and syncopated drum patterns.

What really ices this cake is the bouncy bass house ending to really remind fans, listeners, and audiences when he says Maybe Next Year, we know he means it.

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