Golden Goddess – ’20 Reasons To Live’ | An Inspiring Full Length Twenty-Track Body Of Work Dedicated To Suicide Prevention [Album Write-Up + Artist Interview]

Golden Goddess Recruits 40 Artists To Develop Her 20-Track Album
20 Reasons To Live” – Donating All Proceeds To American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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Golden Goddess, an electronic dance music producer from the Portland, Oregon area is lighting up the overcast skies with not just her music but her altruistic dedication to helping people in her community via her new album “20 Reasons To Live“, – a twenty track album which includes 40 different acts, artists, producers, instrumentalists, singers, and songwriters.

pictured: Golden Goddess at Goddess Awakening Music & Arts Festival 2022


As the release of the album may be an ending chapter to 2022, we feel the crescendo leading up to this point cannot be correctly illuminated without highlighting some golden musical moments over the year that had a direct influence on the album, and her career respectively.

From working safety teams at Okeechobee Festival in Florida, to debuting in several states over the last year (Utah, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado), to playing festivals locally, regionally, and nationally. She has been travelling, seeing the country, and meeting people from all walks of life. These experiences alone is enough to inspire and manifest a passion in caring for one another inside someone. For her, it is natural.

Her latest and freshest musical venture is titled ‘20 Reasons To Live‘, a twenty-track body of work including 40 different artists, spanning from dubstep to electro and freeform subgenres of bass music. The entirety of the album was solely dedicated to bring awareness, spotlight, and put a hyper-focus on suicide prevention.

The album ‘20 Reasons To Live‘ shines brilliantly with familiar faces we have covered here in the storm and new faces we haven’t yet, so we are always thrilled to provide coverage for such a good cause for likeminded friends and welcoming new friends into the storm front here at Monsoon Season.

The Pacific Northwest needs to protect Golden Goddess at all costs. She is indeed golden to her core, giving back to such an important and often overlooked cause, that affects so many (if not, everyone). Our communities and scene/industry needs more individuals like her in it. The world would be a brighter place.

Keep an eye out for her as she ascends through the underground and into the upper echelons of the industry. It’s this type of energy we all love to see in the scene. Her music is worth checking out now we have twenty more reasons to listen to Golden Goddess via her album “20 Reasons To Live”

OUT NOW on all major music streaming platforms.


Interview w/
Golden Goddess

Let’s catch up with her in this exclusive interview below as she opens up about the album, the taboo topic of suicide prevention, and what we can expect from her going forward in 2023.

Q1: ’20 Reasons To Live’ is jam-packed with talent, creativity, and meaning. Where did you come up with the idea for the album and what does it mean to you?

A1: Ever since starting my music journey, I wanted to write healing and uplifting music, specifically lyrics for suicide prevention. The first song I ever released was called ‘United in Silence,’ which is dedicated to domestic abuse survivors and people who struggle with self injury. To me, there is nothing more powerful than using my words to heal the community and convince someone not to end their life.
All of these topics are very personal to me and resonate with my own journey (each individual song title is like a topic of my own personal healing journey) so I want to reach people who (can relate specifically and feel not so alone or) are struggling and make them feel less alone and uplifted. I hope to inspire you to feel powerful enough to leave unhealthy relationships, stay alive, keep fighting, and be a better person every day.
I have also lost friends and family members to suicide, which we all know is never easy. Their souls live on but the pain never goes away. This album, ‘20 Reasons to Live’ is meant to heal your heart from these challenging moments, whether you have lost someone or struggled in your own life.

Q2: What is your message to the world and those who are suffering in silence and need this music to make it through the day?

A2: Music is so powerful it honestly makes me emotional. The connection we experience at festivals and the emotions we feel through the music and lyrics can heal souls. My main message is to stay alive, reach out to friends or resources if you need help, feel safe to express your emotions, and never give up. We can make the world a better place by being kind to each other. These songs are written from my soul to yours and I hope they make your struggle a little easier.

Q3: As 2022 is finished up and the new year is upon us, what is on your New Years resolution list? Any goals for the New Year you’d like to share with us? Have you accomplished or progressed on any as of late?

A3: On January 26th, 2023, we threw our first community healing suicide prevention show at Rainbow City in Portland, Oregon. All of the artists donated their time for free and curated a set that would be healing and uplifting. We donated all of the proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and I am proud to say we raised $843 originally and we are not stopping now. I will be planning future suicide prevention events and you can still donate directly to AFSP with the link below.

Link to donate to AFSP: (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)

Q4: What can your fans, listeners, and our audience expect from you in 2023 musically?

A4: Where do I begin? I am currently releasing many new songs in various genres and
writing and recording nonstop. There are multiple projects in progress now including a few albums, from hip-hop to dubstep and everything in between. I am making my major music festival debut soon and performing in many states this year! I can’t wait to party and continue healing with you all. Thank you for supporting my music journey.

Listen To – 20 REASONS TO LIVE – on Spotify

Listen To – 20 REASONS TO LIVE – on SoundCloud

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1. Sense of Self – Golden Goddess feat. Dr. Gold (prod. Farukon)
2. Safe Space – Golden Goddess (prod. GDLK)
3. Free Love – Golden Goddess (prod. Enamored)
4. Brighter than the Sun – Okyn feat. Golden Goddess
5. Selfish – Golden Goddess (prod. Godyssey)
6. Blue Lotus – Golden Goddess (prod. Lyk Magik)
7. Tomorrow – GG X Scooby Doop (prod. GDLK)
8. Where Did You Go? – Golden Goddess (prod. üfonic)
9. In Control – Golden Goddess (prod. Cryotik)
10. Mountain Beauty – Okyn feat. Golden Goddess
11. Champion – Juicy Jesus feat. Golden Goddess
12. Stay – Golden Goddess
13. Be Someone – Golden Goddess (prod. Sandyman)
14. United in Silence – DetramentL Remix feat. Golden Goddess
15. Where You Belong – Golden Goddess (prod. Dark Mattah)
16. Deep in Love – Golden Goddess (prod. Madlon)
17. Where You Belong (Iris24k Remix)
18. Ethereal Bliss – J Shamaz feat. Golden Goddess
19. Edge of Everything – Golden Goddess (prod. üfonic)
20. Stars Align – Golden Goddess (prod. S.W.)

More Words From Golden Goddess

This collective album was made by over 40 artists who care about you and who believe that suicide prevention is possible. We love you, we see you, we hear you, we believe you, we want you to live, we want you to find healing, and I know you can. The universe has your back and so do we.

We are proud to say that there was no exchange of money during the making of this album. Every person contributed their time, energy, and art because they believe in you and this life. These artists are people who are deeply empathetic, many of whom have lost loved ones to suicide. We need to uplift each other as a community and create a safe space for everyone to heal (and feel) however they may need. Your life is essential and important.

All royalties from streaming these suicide prevention tracks will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (a non-profit), where the money will be used to help support and uplift people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

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