LA’s Tuna Melt Puts A Floral Remix On Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” [Track Write-Up]

Miley Cyrus‘ New “Flowers” Gets A Lively & Blossoming Remix By Los Angeles-Based House Music Producer Duo Tuna Melt

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Fresh off the heels (thorns, in this case) of releasing their recent remix of Outkast‘s Ms. Jackson. Tuna Melt returns to our stormy skies bearing another remix and we are thrilled to share this corsage of a rework with you all.

In this bouquet of beat work is a house remix for Miley Cyrus‘s new hit “Flowers” and the results from Tuna Melt are astounding. From start to finish, this remix will have your rump shaking, you singing along, and wanting even more from Tuna Melt as soon as humanly possible.

If you aren’t up to speed on the original, then look no further as Tuna Melt serves this heartbreak-themed single from pop, showbiz, and country icon Miley Cyrus complete justice via its house music reiteration. You won’t even need to hear her original to really grasp the thorn-bearing stalks of the track.

Tuna Melt not only honors the core elements provided by Miley, but even elevates them and allows them to shine even brighter with its upbeat and danceable take by adding in that fast-paced tempo and four-on-the-floor mechanics.

The remix at hand lasts an impressive 5:02, and even then upon the completion of the remix, you are left with a feeling of wanting more of its addictive soundscapes and elemental floral appeal.

From the proactive intro to the mischievous and rascally basslines, this remix pops off as an instant dancefloor dominator.

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