AltBraKz – ‘Metamorphosis’ | A Fresh & Exhilarating Take On Glitchstep & Creative Musical Freedom [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

AltBraKz Takes Us On A Shapeshifting & Surreal Walk Into His Mind w/ “Metamorphosis” – An Out-Of-Body Glitchstep Experience

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones


AltBraKz, takes us on wild and wonky wanderlust trip into the unknown with the emergence of Metamorphis, his newest single which grasps the notes of classis glitch style bass music and a heaping scoop of divine WTF moments. Your body will know exactly what to do upon listening.

As a listener with a decade plus of hearing the sounds of salacious dance music, I can safely say this track is a teleportation device that goes forward in time, and backwards to reiterate its power. Personally, upon listening, I felt a wave of 2010 Denver, Colorado style bass music that is very loose and hallucinatory in effect. But this is Vancouver’s rising talent, AltBraKz, and he is flipping what we know on it head and we are all for it.

From the immense sound design to the utter immaculate attention to detail in the crevasses of the small parts, this track goes in and lives to its name, Metamorphosis.

With an open mind and experimental take on tunes, your soul is readyn for take-off for a complete evolution. A full-on metamorphic and boundary-breaking jaunt into the cranium of AltBraKz

Let’s Check In w/ AltBraKz

Q1: Tell me about how your career in music started, AltBraKz!

A1: My love for electronic music started a bit later than most people. I grew up in the punk scene, so as a teenager I didn’t have much interest in anything outside of that. It wasn’t until around 2010 when I first heard Skrillex’s ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ that I started listening to electronic music. From there I started diving deeper into more niche stuff like DnB. Then I just had this urge to start producing and I’ve just been going hard at it since.

Q2: Where did this project idea, AltBraKz come from?

A2: AltBraKz is actually my third alias. It was born because I felt my older music didn’t represent where I was heading and the quality wasn’t there. I wouldn’t go through a rebrand again, it’s actually a massive headache. Many of the people that maybe were warming up to your tunes get lost in the rebranding, and having your full discography available puts your growth as an artist on display.

Q3: What’s up your sleeve for the rest of 2022 and beyond?

A3: Well, I just recently released my first sample pack on Splice with Billegal Sounds, so I’m pretty stoked on that. I’m really happy to be working with Them. I actually have an EP coming out in 2023 with Billegal Beats and I’ve been working on a lot of singles and sound design stuff. I’ve been trying to build my presence on YouTube and share my knowledge so expect more production tutorials in 2023.

Q4: The title name Metamorphosis, where do it come from?

A4: So the idea behind Metamorphosis was to blend dubstep with a more wonky, left-field sound. The title sort of represents the arrangement because the first drop leans heavily on the classic dubstep sound and the second is a lot more offbeat and sort of glitchy. On a deeper level it represents my move from more traditional sounding stuff like drum and bass, or dubstep, to a more experimental sound.

Notes From AltBraKz

Metamorphosis combines the deep, sub-driven sound that defines classic dubstep with forward-thinking, glitchy sound design and experimental arrangements. I’m a huge fan of controlled randomness and using unconventional tools in sound design; Metamorphosis puts this on full display.
Much of the sounds were generated from mouth noises and processed many times to create driving percussion and all manner of rips and tears that connect the track’s various sections.
The name speaks to the fact that as the track progresses, it transitions from a more conventional sound to something otherworldly.

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