DEKERAKT Conjures Up Bass & Witchcraft In Her Ascending Wake [Artist Interview]

Rising Bass Music Producer DEKERAKT Opens Up About Her Music Journey, Spooky Branding, and What To Expect In 2023 + MORE

Storm Coverage By: Curator Presents

Around a year ago, maybe even two (time flies nowadays), I was scrolling through my feed as always, when I noticed a recurring account always showing up.

This character was literally on every platform I was on, for some reason my algorithm just kept  feeding me this spooky witch-like presence that happened to make music, and this was my introduction to “DEKERAKT”.

Since this time, I have watched from the sidelines this woman grew and continues to grow, delving deeper and deeper into her witchcraft, scoring shows and massive record label releases along the way.

When we over at Monsoon Season decided to create the “Curator Coverage” section, doing an interview with DEKERAKT. As a person and a brand, she was on the top of my list, not only because what she is doing with music and as a brand is unique and interesting, but also because in our brief interactions, it’s been nothing but fun and good vibes, and that’s important to have these days in the industry.

So, given that introduction, let’s dive into the interview we did with DEKERAKT to learn more about who she is, what she’s all about, and why she is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the underground music scene.

Lets start from the beginning. What was growing up like? Sum up the early years before you knew music production and “DEKERAKT” would take over your life.

DEKERAKT: “I grew up in Ocala, Florida. Born and raised in the country but I always loved every genre of music. I was heavily bullied since I dressed differently than my peers and I was always taller than all the boys (I have been 5’9 since 7th grade). I had to switch schools a few times because the girls would bully me so bad I would refuse to go to school. I grew up with my mom and brother, I always was creative but in different ways. I always made music videos and YouTube videos in my younger years, but I never expected music to consume me in the ways it did. I was actually set on a path since I was 3 years old to be an astronomer. I slowly started to shift my focus in 2016, I was 18 years old and I was a junior in college already. I started college in 10th grade of high school and was a physics major for 3 years prior to music taking over my life and pulling me out to Los Angeles in 2018.”

Describe the transition you took personally and professionally when you discovered music would be what you’d pursue. Was it just high school ‘you’ when discovering FL (Fruity Loops) or did you study classical? Walk us down this road!“

DEKERAKT: “As I mentioned before, I was a physics major, I was attending FAU in Boca Raton, Florida in 2016-2017 after already having my AA out of High School. I slowly noticed my focus shifting to music in early 2016 when I started to learn music theory/production alongside how to DJ.I got booked for a music festival in 2017 (Asteria Music Festival). I would sit in Astronomy class and stare at the posters around and my focus would stray to my music project. My alias actually originated from my Astronomy class haha, my professor sidetracked one day about dimensions and was speaking about the 10th dimension, which is where anything can exist; infinite possibilities. At the time I was obsessed with aliens, therefore in my mind aliens would exist in this dimension. He once spoke about a cube in the 10th dimension which is a “Dekeract”, immediately this name clicked and stuck with me. I just decided to change the “c” to a 2nd “k” to be a bit more masculine.

I did not grow up with a musical background but honestly coming from math and science it was relatively easy to learn the basics of music through waveforms. I started making music with an extremely scientific outlook, I originally treated it like a math equation and everything was a bit too precise but overtime I have been able to open up my creative side and pour that into my music once I understood the theory of music.” 

Curator adds in: It was at this point in the interview I realized I was talking to more than just your average bedroom producer. She has a very reputable background and even her name has a deep sophisticated meaning and underlying theme to it. 

What is DEKERAKT and what do you hope it evolves into?

DEKERAKT: “DEKERAKT is an outlet for my emotions, currently this is my self expression platform. I have always used my music as a way to release my emotions, the good and the bad. I want the world to hear my music and for those who connect with it to realize they aren’t alone. All the dark thoughts I have left me feeling so alone while I was growing up. Making this music has given me relief of a lot of those feelings. We are all always going through something and I find it important to support one another, even if darkness is where we find our happiness. I hope this project continues to grow in the direction I am already headed and that I can help more people come to the point I am with self love and acceptance through my music.”

Where did you get the inspiration to turn your brand into something so dark and spooky? Any inspirations that come to mind?

DEKARAKT: “Honestly my brand is just a more intense and refined version of my day to day aesthetic. I was born on October 19th, and my entire life Halloween was the biggest holiday celebrated in my house. I have always had an immense love for all things dark.”

” I find myself most at peace surrounded by the horror and goth communities. I never felt connected with what was the “mainstream” style growing up. A lot of my inspiration comes from my obsession with horror. I love all horror movies and the last 5 years I have worked as a scare actor at Halloween Horror Nights here in Hollywood. I dig myself deep into the horror community, I live in it year round. My entire apartment is also painted/decorated spooky. I also have an entire shelf of viles that are filled with parts of my friends who have visited. Including everything from tears to blood. I have just always been into dark things and oddities. I truly find my light when I am in the dark.”

“Without Giving too much away, what can you tell us about the next phase for your branding?”

DEKERAKT: “Branding will remain relatively the same since it is just a core part of who I am as an artist and a person. I will be dropping a 2nd project that will be my pop music and the alias for that will be released mid 2023.”

I felt like that last statement was a great place to end the interview, a bittersweet note from the self proclaimed “Queen of the Dead”.

DEKERAKT is already off to a heavy year, and just in the time since I started this article, she has released Six Fingers with Cyrus Gold on the dubstep don Bear Grillz‘s highly acclaimed label, Rude Service Records, and also a full blown music video that had a massive production behind the entire thing.

I’m sure there are many more massive releases on the backburner, but, just like you, I’ll have to wait and see what she has in store next for us!  

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