Black Sheep Society | A Record Label By Black Sheep Presents, A New Mexico Event Company – Debuting w/ Eater [Record Label Spotlight/Artist Interview]

Las Cruces NM‘s Rising EDM Event Promoter – Black Sheep Presents Sets To Launch New Record Label Imprint Black Sheep Society Debuting w/ Italian Bass Music Artist Eater in 2023 + 3 More To Come

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Las Cruces, New Mexico‘s ascending EDM event promoter Black Sheep Presents who is best known for bringing headlining acts, rising talents, and local DJs to their area. For the past year and then some, they have delivered bass music household names AFK, Al Ross, and Autokorekt, to rising names like Ruvlo, VLCN, Kleøpatra, and more like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

The company is owned by Jonathan Markus, or better known to everyone (on social media) as “Brooky DaWooky“. A New York-born, run of the mill, every day American who is taking his dreams and turning them into reality. Brooky has been an immense supporter of our blog since we came into contact on Facebook. So, our hats are off to him for this major announcement.

Now, in addition to booking your favorite artists, they are adding a record label to their routine and repertoire. This imprint will be known as Black Sheep Society, a tributary name to their flagship and parent brand, Black Sheep Presents.

Premiering the label with Italian bass music artist Eater, this new imprint is already off to a rowdy start. Eater specializes in creating reality-shifting, mind-altering, and abstract bass and trap music that captivates listeners and has created an abundant following since his fruition in 2017.

Photo above – Eater

With his wildly successful approach to trap music on lock, Eater‘s tracks have landed on a multitude of record labels such as Buygore, frshblood, Wubaholics, BASSX, 40oz Cult, and Disciple Round Table, and now the one here at hand Black Sheep Society. You can expect to hear new Eater on BSS coming in 2023.

Let’s Check-In w/
Italian Bass Music Artist – Eater

Q1: Welcome to our storm Eater! What can you tell our audience about yourself and your musical craft before we jump into the topic at hand?

A1: First of all thank you for having me, I’m very excited about this interview! As you already know by know I’m Eater and I’m from Italy, I’ve been making music for almost five years now, doing my best to create something unique and help others along the way!

Q2: You primarily handle trap music and varied forms of bass music. Where does this passion and fascination derive from and how did it influence your craft today?

A2: It all started almost a decade ago when I’ve been introduced to this exciting world! It all got ignite from the moment I’ve heard Skrillex’s remix of Cinema by Benny Benassi! From that moment I knew that this is what I would have wanted to do for the rest of my life!

Q3: Trap music had seen enthusiastic peak times around 2016 & 2017, do you feel trap is coming back or did it never leave? Elbows up!

A3: I agree that in 2016/2017 trap, especially hybrid trap has a huge money! Since then sounds have evolved and I feel that know there’s a very high chance of a new peak for what we do!

Q4: Italy is very well-known for its passionate love for dance music. What was your first electronic music experience in your home country and how did that shape your paradigm going forward?

A4: Italy definitely loves the dance scene! My first encounter with the EDM world was actually at a Skrillex show that happened in Milan! It shaped in a way that I can’t really describe but it definitely gave me a new mindset for what would have started doing!

Q6: With 2022 wrapping up and the end of the year approaching, what is on your radar as far as plans for music and/or shows?

A6: 2022 was a really great year and I’m very excited for what 2023 has to offer! My radar is getting pretty exciting and you can definitely expect my music to continue to evolve, not only in what is going to come out but also where is going to come out! As far as shows I’ll just have to say that 2023 is going to be very very exciting year and to be prepared for what’s coming.

Thank You, Eater!

Now, some words from the label owner, Jonathan, AKA Brooky DaWooky!

This label falls under the same name with a different logo that we have been pushing all this time, Black Sheep. In this case we are here to push our society. Why Black Sheep? Because that’s what this scene is filled with.
People who see the world differently. I’m not talking about oddballs or anarchists, I’m talking about the people who are truly fearless, critical thinkers of the industry that is portrayed through their music, the way that they speak, the tattoos on their skin, and the values they stand for.
We are not the enemy, maybe we are in a conservative mindset, but we believe in doing right. We’re genuine souls, we give to the homeless physically and figuratively. 

What happens when a brand new promoter sees progress through mistakes and successful events for 1 straight year (working 365, 25 hours a day), using gut instincts for producers, DJs, promoters, photographers, and venue owners alike who see you as a way to launch their own vision be it kosher or not…
Well, in my case I started a new label with a loyal lineup of beautiful individuals who are here for the culture and the music. 

Catch Sora at Club 575 in Las Cruces, New Mexico on December 9th [FREE SHOW]

Black Sheep Presents will also have:
Presented by WAKAAN, BUKU & G-Rex, DRINKURWATER, and Legit Alpha on their Dual Continuum Tour this upcoming February 17th, 2023. for tickets

Black Sheep Presents Social Media [Event Company]

Black Sheep Society Music Streaming [Record Label Coming Soon]

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