R0WL3N Gets Wild & Wonky w/ “Sporatic Slinky” via THE GOBLINS LAIR’s SOLSTICE Vol. 2 Compilation [Track Write-Up]

THE GOBLINS LAIR Drops R0WL3N‘s “Sporatic Slinky” On The Much-Awaited SOLSTICEVol. 2 Compilation Featuring 10 Artists & 10 Songs Varying in Dubstep, Riddim, + MORE

We Chat w/ R0WL3N & Tavis Payne, Owner of THE GOBLINS LAIR About The Release & SOLSTICE Vol. 2

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

California‘s up-and-coming producer R0WL3N has been slicing and dicing releases this year and we have reported on several of them. Each release has been a level up from the one prior, and to our surprise; he keeps releasing them in a consistent fashion.

This go-around, his newest freeform/experimental bass release “Sproadic Slinky” has found a home in the cozy nestlings of rising Canadian record label THE GOBLINS LAIR on their second annual SOLSTICE compilation. This track follows several knockout releases from R0WL3N such as his dubstep heater titled “Cyber Dial” and his debut release on Biophaze Records with his 4/20 themed “Funny Days“.

Get ready to get down once more with R0WL3N‘s new ‘Sporatic Slinky’ that is out now on THE GOBLINS LAIR. This new release from him showcases new sound usages, hair-raising builds, wonky drops, and one helluva danceable good time. Each corner and crevasse of the track holds a new and exciting present and surprise to lock in listeners throughout the long-lasting 4:13.


What does “Sporatic Slinky” mean?

R0WL3N replies: “My good friend Aaron helped choose the name for the track, sometimes he can be a bit sporadic so he was & is the inspiration.”


What can fans and listeners expect when they hear “Sporatic Slinky“?

R0WL3N replies: “The energy starts off calm but then starts to build into this mass soundscape of pure madness.”

We ask the owner & founder of THE GOBLINS LAIR, Tavis Payne, – How does it feel to have the second installment of SOLSTICE out to the masses?

Tavis replies:

“I am super excited to have the second installment be a thing. The first one was just called SOLSTICE because I was not even sure if I was going to continue doing anymore. The GOBLINS VOLS are only available to artists I have released so I have been asked by many artists if there will be another compilation open to anyone so here we are!”

What sort of curation went into selecting the artists?

Tavis responds: The curation of this one is actually interesting how it came about. The majority of the songs on this compilation were signed from my weekly feedback live streams that I do on twitch every Sunday. It was super cool to have songs be submitted as WIPs for feedback to end up on a compilation for the label!


The compilation garners an impressive roster of artists like R0WL3N, Dahlbeats, Tripulse, Spritz, DUSKO, CTRL-Q, Dhany, Arythma, XCLAVE, and Subcity, featuring 10 original tracks on Spotify, SoundCloud, and many other streaming platforms.

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