Wermzer – ‘Descent’ – Debut Five-Track Extended Play Dawning Bass & Trap Tunes [EP Write-Up]

Wermzer Captivates Us w/ His Debut EP – “Descent” – A 5-Track Body of Solo-Work Consisting of 2 Brand New Tracks + 3 Pre-Releases

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Who is Wermzer? Well.. we will tell you; for starters, this electronic bass/trap music producer resides in Mobile, Alabama, and is shaking things up in his area. Alabama isn’t very-well known for its bustling dance music scene or EDM festival culture for that matter, but Wermzer is flipping the script on the norm and has ‘Descent’ to show for it.

With the announcement of his debut EP titled ‘Descent‘ dropping 11/01, you can bet that Wermzer is beyond excited to get this body of work out to the masses to hear. The extended play (EP) garners 5 tracks and consists of 2 brand new tracks and 3 already released heaters to encapsulate his vision for ‘Descent‘.

The two new tracks are titled ‘Love‘ and ‘Lost‘, both being more emotive and interpersonal leaning tracks of his as storytelling pieces. You can also expect to find his already-released productions ‘H.E.O.‘, ‘Bombpop‘, and ‘Got Em (Hype On Sight)’, all spanning the spectrum of bass and trap styles. Rest assured Wermzer is trying his artistic hand at new genres to expand on his creative skills (and there is nothing wrong with that), and show us a different side of the rising Alabaman talent.

Considering this is his debut EP, the tracks are more emotional and sentimental to his experiences, and because we love talking; we asked him some questions regarding the exciting release of ‘Descent‘.

Check out what he had to say back in our exclusive interview!


[Q&A Below]


Wermzer shared with us:

This is my debut EP containing some of my most exciting music to date. The 5-track project tells my story of hype, heartbreak and my descent into madness. There’s something for everyone within these tracks.


Got Em (Hype On Sight) [3:17]

This track begins with a mesmerizing fluid flow of white-noise-esque sounds before a salacious giggle peruses and takes hold of the track before it builds. The low and strong bassline maintains through each drop, complimenting the subsequent build.

Each drop is peppered with deep vocals of a chopped ‘Hype On Sight‘ watermark sample keeping the attitude in check for a dark trap type atmosphere. The way the drums are laid out and utilized keep the trap vibe very alive.

Bombpop [2:59]

We take a wildly fun and flavor-filled trip into the hip-hop/rap side of Wermzer‘s identity. Bombpop starts out looping the iconic ice-cream truck music and fills the track in all the sweet spots for a delectable auditory treat. Then, hesitation, Wermzer lays down the most-buck lines and rap verses to stud the fusion hit throughout along with delicious 808 drumlines to round it out. Adventurous and playful, for sure.

H.E.O. [2:40] Hypnotic from start to finish, H.E.O. is a true brainwashing-type bassline that intoxicates the listener. With the delivery of the timing in the repetition, it’s very easy to get lost in the track and hitting repeat for extra effect. A track you move all the furniture in the room, turn off all the lights, and blare the tune, vibing out fully. 10/10 recommended.

Love [2:57]

Midtempo fans rejoice as we have a melodically-driven and serenaded jaunt in the emotive yet electro-fueled side of Wermzer‘s ‘Descent‘ EP. This cyberpunk and superfuture love inspired track takes the cake for the hype-energy-delivery. You can relate with the emotions and also retaliate to the tantalizing soundscapes and hard basslines by dancing extra hard in the mirror.

Lost [3:03]

Wermzer sets to destroy with the bass-heavy and headbanger-centric track titled ‘Lost‘ on the Descent EP. A full throttle, pedal to the metal, and next level treat for the basshead lovers reading and listening. A bit of a deviation from the rest of the extended play but its a great type of switch-up. Hit replay, repeat, and repost on ‘Lost‘ as it will take you on a deep journey into the mind of Wermzer.

[Q&A: Wermzer]

Q1. What led the drive behind this project?

A1. Since this is my debut EP I wanted to tell the story of how it all started. I also wanted to show my range with some different genres that I don’t usually produce since most of my releases this far have been trap tunes.

Q2. You say it’s a story of “hype, heartbreak, and a descent into madness”. Can you expand on this?

A2. It starts off with some really excited tracks. “Got Em” and “Bombpop” are both very upbeat and kick the story off the way it started for me, very bold and electrifying. As it continues into “H.E.O” and “Love” it still has a powerful sound but the mood changes a bit.

Finally, on “Lost,” its a very heavy track with some hauntingly sad vocals that in a way represent where I was mentally before I really started to develop into the artist I am today. If it wasn’t for the story that this project tells I might be a completely different person or artist.

Q3. What can we expect from Wermzer in the future?

A3. I’m hoping to continue the momentum that I’ve built from this year which has been one of my best up to this point in my career. I’ve got a few shows planned to close out the year and some music I’m wrapping up that I can hopefully get to the right ears and grow my community.

I’m happy with where I’m at and I’m not calling it quits any time soon.

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