CRYZTL | SLC’s Shining Bass Music Producer Slaying The Utah Scene [Guest Mix + Artist Interview]

CRYZTL Stops By To Chat About Her Guest Mix, Spooky Season, & How She Plans To End The Final Quarter Of 2022!

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Q1: What emotions, motivations, or creative directions did you use to make this mix?

A1: I’m going to be extremely transparent and start off by saying I wasn’t in a good place mentally when I was working on this mix. But honestly, once I started, everything just flowed together so naturally. It was effortlessly fun to make, it made me forget all of the worries and stresses I had going on in my life.

It gave me a safe space to express myself and my emotions in a healthy and creative way. I hope I can give the listener that same experience. This is hands down one of my favorite mixes I’ve ever done and I really hope you guys take the 43 minutes to rage, cry, feel your emotions out.. and come away from it feeling better than before you heard it.


Q2: What is a highlight track, remix, or edit to this mix that you like the most? 

A1: Two things… DRINKURWATER and SNAXXX. Two up and coming artists that are absolutely SLAYING SHIT. DRINKURWATER’s Adele remix is a whole vibe and SNAXXX’s og tune “Venom” is a heavy hitter. Can’t recommend supporting the both of them enough!


Q3: It’s Spooky Season! What is your favorite (or least favorite) part about the Halloween holiday and festivities?

A3: This is definitely my favorite time of year! I just love the overall energy that Fall and “Spooky Season” brings. I feel most connected to myself and my guides during this. time, especially as the veil thins.

Honestly, this is such a loaded question for me because, as a practicing witch, of course I love this time of year. But I do wish people were more respectful of mine and so many others practice. For example, being more mindful with the props you use for Halloween shoots.

I wish more people knew the origin of this holiday and time of year so with that in mind, I highly encourage everyone to go check out my podcast Sadgirl Hours. I have an amazing episode there with one of my best friends, Shelby Nye, and we actually talked about the origin of Halloween along with so many other things surrounding that conversation! 

Q4: What’s next for CRYZTL? What can expect for the last quarter of the year?

A4: I’ve done a lot of learning since the last time I interviewed with you guys. I’m planning on using this fall/winter season to start taking production lessons so I can expand in that area and learn to make music that makes my soul light up.

That in mind, I plan on working on some collabs with my amazing friends VERTEKZ and Neon Drip! Then we’ll be popping the new year off at Wobbleland SLC so I hope to see some of you there! Much love to everyone who listens and of course the incredible team over at Monsoon Season – I’m so incredibly grateful for you guys!

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