BRKNDRMR | CA’s New-Age Midtempo Talent Laser-Focused On The Future [Artist Interview + Guest Mix]

Bakersfield, CA‘s Own – BRKNDRMR Breaks
Down His Guest Mix, Chats About Halloween, And Tells Us What We Can Expect For The Rest of 2022

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Q1: What emotions, motivations, or creative directions did you use to make this mix?

A1: I think a number of factors played a part in this mix. This time of year is prime Midtempo and Dark Bass season, so I wanted to make this mix as spooky as possible. I’m highly influenced by artists such as Rezz, 1788-L and Deathpact, their music has shaped me into the type of artist I want to be.

Q2: What is a highlight track, remix, or edit to this mix that you like the most?

A2: It’s hard to pick just one, honestly. BUT, in keeping with the season, I would have to say the opening track to the mix. It’s an unreleased track of mine, titled ‘Beware,’ and I feel like it really sets the tone of the rest of the mix. I’m really proud of this track and look forward to releasing it in the near future for everyone to enjoy.


Q3: It’s Spooky Season! What is your favorite (or least favorite) part about the Halloween holiday and festivities?

A3: As a kid, I HATED Halloween. I always got super scared of monsters and ghosts, but growing up, I’ve come to appreciate it all for what it is. Partner that with midtempo music, it creates a scary environment with a lot of thrills. I also LOVE dressing up in costumes, and expressing yourself with characters you love.

Q4: What’s next for BRKNDRMR? What can expect for the last quarter of the year?

A4: I’ve been focused on looking towards the future, creating a ton of music and gathering resources to make a new launch on the BRKNDRMR project for 2023. Expect much more original music coming, maybe even a new tune toward New Year’s. As for my fans in Bakersfield and Fresno, expect some upcoming shows towards the end of the year!

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