WINTUR – ‘Downward’ [Track Write-Up] NEW Energetic & Cinematic Electro House Music

WINTUR Delivers On An Out-Of-Body Experience Via His Newest Self-Release Progressive/Electro House Single Titled ‘Downward

Cloud Coverage By: Tate Beumel

Buckle up folks, as we go for a ride with WINTUR through the escapes of ambiance and the
realm of electro house with their latest release, Downward. Taking inspiration from music industry legends like deadmau5 & Nine Inch Nails and the sounds and likeness of the hit game, Cyberpunk 2077.

This tune is a certified banger, it keeps the room filled with anticipation while keeping the body
moving to the bass kick. The rhythm comes in slowly, building the atmosphere around you, and just makes the body want to bounce even more! As we get to the thick of it, you are boppin’ to the beat and it stops.

The beat fades and the sounds get darker, the lead rises into a sinister vibration. Creating a sense of wonder, we pause to prepare for the next drop. The master that is WINTUR brings the beat back and makes the house shake with an even more groove and flow to the second half of this song.

If you haven’t heard of this icon, be sure to take a deeper plunge into the world of WINTUR! This release is now available on all platforms and I hope you enjoy this track as much as I did.

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