JAYSYX – ‘Defiance’ | Rude Service Records Release [EP Write-Up]

JAYSYX Mutilates The Masses With His Four-Track Extended Play ‘Defiance’ Via The Renowned Rude Service Records Which Includes Tunes With Life & Death, Domatix, Kleøpatra, and G the Shep.

Written by: Brandon Rafferty

Heavy bass music producer JAYSYX has landed a massive E.P. release to the highly regarded “Rude Service Records”, and with this release, we are given 4 unrelenting bass tracks that are sure to obliterate listeners on launch day.

The San Diego-based artist is on a massive come-up after being signed to Prysm Talent Agency, with major releases on labels like Emengy and Subsidia Records, but this release has to be a highlight thus far. This release marks a huge day for his career, and I am excited to see where he continues to go on his journey as he grows alongside the label putting the release out!

pictured: JAYSYX

The opening track of the E.P. is Titled “Heritage” and is a collaboration with “Life & Death”. This track is a great way to open the E.P. as it highlights the fact that JAYSYX is not messing around with this release and showcases his insane production skills. Heritage opens with a very ominous and atmospheric tone, which brings us to a build-up, giving us little time to prepare for the mind fuck that is the drop.
When this drop rolls in, we are greeted with very low ranged machine gun-styled basses, unforgivingly beating your eardrums as a killer rhythm is created and bounced out for your body to aggressively move to. The track has no give as after the drop we have maybe 10 seconds to breathe before we are quickly accelerated into a second drop which is equally as aggressive as the first. This track is hands-down my favorite on the entire release. 

Next up, “Watch Ya Mouf” opens with a cinematic-styled string intro, accompanied by a nice crisp drum set to help bring the vibes. As we approach the drop, we are violently told to “ Shut Your Mouth, Bitch” (which I took as a personal challenge as I screamed bloody murder when I first heard this drop.) The mid-range of sustained bass, alongside the aggressive riddim womps, make for an absolute banger of a concept for the drop.
The beautiful part about this drop is that it doesn’t overstay its welcome. It acts much like Godzilla in a sense, enters the scene, fucks shit up, and casually walks away at the end, and that I truly love. The second drop, however, takes a more laid-back and gangster-styled approach, The beat and rhythm this drop delivers are hands down going to keep the crowds moving when this is played out live. This drop, unlike the first, I do wish carried out a little bit more, but like most good things, its best in moderation. 

The third track on the E.P., “STFU” with Domatix, is the track on the release that I expect to be heard across tours all summer, as this track is perfect for a live setting. The intro/ build has a super hyped vocal sample, and the fake-out on this drop is nuts, as it is accompanied by a “Shut The Fuck Up!” vocal sample being yelled at its listener. The aggressive kick and snare pattern are perfect to have an audience headbang back and forth, breaking rails and obliterating audience goers around them. The machine guns also add a nice level of aggression throughout the drop to just remind you, “hey I’m still here” as you ride out through the rest of the track.

Last but certainly not least, “Defiance ” which is the title track, is a massive collaboration between JAYSYX, Kleøpatra, and G the Shep. I previously did an in-depth write-up of this single before, so if you want a more detailed breakdown, go check out that article! << click here to read
All you need to know is it’s brutal and fun, and there is a reason it was picked as the first single off of the E.P.

“Defiance” E.P. is out on Rude Service Records on June 10th on all major platforms, and I highly encourage you to go check out this release. It’s got to be one of the heaviest releases on this label to date, and I’m happy JAYSYX was given this platform to showcase such a banger of an E.P.

pictured: JAYSYX

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