RØNAN Delivers An Unholy Bombardment Of Bass With His Release ‘Eternal Darkness‘ With The Bass Space Records

Written by: Garth Jones

Eternal Darkness‘ is RØNAN‘s first original release of 2022 and packs a serious punch on The Bass Space Records imprint. The track utilizes a symphonic string of instrumentals and quirky samples to start it off and quickly unloads with a beatdown of bass and a build-up of larger-than-life hits and kicks. ‘Did we already start?’ gradually shifts and the second vocal sample speeds things up with a ‘Let’s Get Started’ and the fun really begins thereafter.

photo by: Nick VanLoon

Witnessing this track being played out live would be a bone-shattering sight to see. The way RØNAN balances out the onslaught of bass with the sharp fusion of instrumentals is noteworthy in every release he puts out, and ‘Eternal Darkness‘ keeps that style in order.

Get this track playing as soon as you can. Crank that volume gauge all the way up and hit replay a couple of times to truly get the full effect. Support RØNAN via the links below to connect on social media and stream his arsenal of auditory treasures. Check out what he had to say about this release in our brief chat below.

We Chat with RØNAN

Q1: As your first original release of 2022, Eternal Darkness is now out and ready for the mass’s auditory consumption. Can you expand on the creative process behind the release and why you chose Eternal Darkness for the name?

A1: With this being the first release of the year, I wanted to start off with something more forward-thinking. It combines my standard love of orchestral components and heavy-hitting bass, with more focus on negative space and a trap-style flow.

The reason I chose the name ‘Eternal Darkness’ was partial because of where my headspace was while writing it. I kept thinking to myself that ‘this track will never be good enough and that ‘it was too different for it to ever be consumed.’

That thought process of seemingly never-ending doubt is why I chose the name I did. Doubt is common when creating your own music I’ve found. In this case, the pressure created something I’m proud to share with you all.


Q2: What can we and your fans expect in the coming months and for the remainder of 2022?

A2: The most important thing to come is me being more confident in my sound. I will be releasing a large variety of music in the coming months. From ‘mosh pit music’ to ‘feel good/downtempo,’ I plan to start fully releasing the arsenal of work that I have been creating for you all.


Q3: For the up and comers who want to be in your shoes, what is some advice or hot tips you can send their way?

A3: The hardest thing within my own journey has been finding pride in my work. Everyone is their own biggest critic, but you need to be able to push past that hump of doubt. My biggest piece of advice? Cleaner mix downs, better drums, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is ZERO shame in asking for help with something, especially with a learning curve as hard as this. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without asking all the questions I could.

photo by: Nick VanLoon

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