VLCN Returns To Denver, CO For Rude Service Records’ Label Showcase | [Artist Interview]

VLCN Returns To The Mile High City For The Rude Service Records Label Showcase Event At The Ogden Theatre

Interview by: Garth Jones

Q1: Denver is where you’ll be playing for the Rude Service Records show on April 30th alongside a heaping roster of talent. What do you have up your sleeve for this set and what can your fans expect? 

A1: I’m debuting around 8-10 new songs just for this show also have some huge IDs from some good friends of mine expect “beautiful madness

photo by: @fries.media

Q2: Rude Service Records is fresh on the scene but already has packed an immediate punch with tracks, artists, and fans alike. How has your experience been with them thus far?

A2: From day one, Rude Service has felt like a tight group of like-minded people there is a reason for their success. This show in Denver is a huge appreciation from them to all the artists involved. I’m excited for the future with Rude Service

Q3: A fan asked: What has been a key factor in maintaining your workflow to keep pumping out beats? 

A3: Simple answer, I love music. There are times I’ll take 2-4 weeks off just to not burn out. but as far as making music it’s hard for me to get tired of it I’ll literally make any genre whatever I’m feeling when I sit down. 

photo: @fries.media

Q4: 2022 has so much left to the year. Can you expand on how the first four months have been and secondly, what you can see happening for the rest of the year? 

A4: I got to debut my EP with Rude Service at the beginning of the year which was awesome very proud of that piece of work. As far as the rest of the year, I have some pretty big collaborations planned also a few melodic tracks coming it’s going to be a solid year for releases from me! Also, have some fests I’m playing I haven’t been able to announce yet.

Q5:For someone who wants to be in the shoes of VLCN, can you leave some advice or helpful tips for the up-and-coming producer on the rise? 

A5: Don’t stop learning, ever! There is always something to learn. Also, music is extremely subjective so don’t take it to heart if someone doesn’t like your track or it’s not their vibe because it for sure will be somebody else’s. 

photo: @fries.media

BONUS: You can get FREE RSVP to this concert in Denver, on April 30th by signing up on RudeServiceRecs.com

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