Haak – ‘Hyperaware’ | TXTR Records Release [Track Write-Up]

Haak Douses The Masses With A Glitchy Creation Titled ‘Hyperaware‘ On TXTR Records

Written by: Garth Jones

We all experience waves of meticulous focus and alertness that pays off in ways but also contrarily the fiery focus can backfire and lead to distorted results and chaotic outcomes. The same goes for Haak and his new release ‘Hyperaware‘ on TXTR Records. Although, his outcome is a good type of chaos and the results are in distorted structures and fractal soundscapes.

The blurry introduction and send-off to the rest of the track are alarmingly well-produced. Each sound and piece of the collective track are all so fine-tuned and sit perfectly in its place. Complimenting and shining consonance from start to finish, this former music production teacher has a knack for what listeners are looking for in their insatiable musical appetites.

Being a Portland, Oregon resident, Haak is no stranger to the realm of abstract creativity. Portland is iconically known for its ‘weird’ factor, torrential weather year-round, and scents of coffee shops brewing dark roast on every corner but all the best of these characteristics shines with this producer for his glitchy creation with ‘Hyperaware‘.

With support from Trap Nation, Stereofox, and now yours truly, we are confident in the idea that YOU will also love this track and be on the supporting side with us. He has a myriad of releases on the horizon and we are hyper-stoked to get those tunes in our ears at any cost.

“I’ve been feeling hyperawareness in various ways my whole life, and while it has its upside, usually it ends up turning counterproductive. This track felt like it captured that contrast and especially the feeling of your senses intensifying and going into overdrive.” – Haak

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