TRAPTOR – ‘Kirei’ | Badkill Records Release [EP Write-Up] – NEW Three-Track Extended Play

TRAPTOR Unleashes An Immovable Force With ‘Kirei’, His Newest EP

Written by: Garth Jones

[East Coast-located] electronic bass music producer TRAPTOR takes his unmatchable knowledge to new heights with the release of his new extended play ‘Kirei‘ which garners three tracks in total consisting of two originals; Kirei and Lazer Beam and one VIP of his previously released ‘Legion‘. Each track takes a massive lock and load appeal under the Badkill Records label, this EP is a total knockout for any bass music lover and head-banging enthusiast.

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Legion VIP

Legion VIP‘ begins to take shape with a faint whisper and piano-driven introduction. While the whispers morph into a chanting crescendo, backed by a seemingly evergrowing drumline, the action is about to begin.
The instrumental takeoff evolves at a rapid rate to shift into a guitar riff of seismic proportions to then again change into the bass beatdown we want from TRAPTOR. By injecting small samples of “Finish Him“, “Game Over“, and dark laughter, we see where this VIP is going and it’s a horrific place where only the strong survive. Legion VIP sits at the helm of a phenomenal start to the EP, sitting at an impressive 3:12, this addition to the EP packs a fist full of energy and vigor, ready for your listening pleasures.

“This Is TRAPTOR And Now He’s Going To Kill You”

Lazer Beam (Original Mix)

‘Lazer Beam‘ is a melting pot of sounds and dynamics in the bass music realm. This secondary addition to the ‘Kirei‘ EP is another bass-forward production and is ready for raging. Don’t get too comfortable in the fact that the high-pitched wale of ‘Lazer Beam‘ is being shouted to you isn’t coming from a warm and fuzzy place. The drop takes you to a whirlwind of tearout and hardcore bass. The shifts and switchbacks of harsh soundscapes are what make this track go the F**K in!
TRAPTOR does himself a number with this remarkable release with ‘Lazer Beam’ on Badkill Records.

Kirei (Original Mix)

As the flagship title track to the EP, Kirei is a breath of fresh air. Utilizing TRAPTOR‘s classically trained knowledge of being a pianist, he finds the balance of fusing that intelligence with what he knows best and that is bass. Sounding off with a melodic intro, the hints of future bass begin to take hold without any intention of letting go. You can feel the dynamics of soft and hard, collectively coming together as a cohesive unit.
In little to no time at all, TRAPTOR shakes things up with his signature style of deafening bass and enthusiastic instrumentals. The breaks in between, from the highs, the lows, and incremental shifts from the bass wrap this track up as a true spectacle of sound. This is Kirei.


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