BVLVNCE – ‘Coagulation’ | Recall Records Release [Track Write-Up] New Single From Forthcoming Album

BVLVNCE Shakes Us To Our Cores With ‘Coagulation’, A New Single From His Debut Album ‘Alchemical Transmutation’ on August 23rd

Written by: Garth Jones

[Chicago-based] electronic bass music vocalist, producer, and DJ known nonother than BVLVNCE debuts his forthcoming album with the single ‘Coagulation‘ via Recall Records. A swift mixture of metal-infused vocals, harsh screams, and a heaping dose of dubstep that all coagulates into one pristine production of alarming skill and creativity.

pictured: BVLVNCE

The fusion of metal and dubstep is a semi-new approach to bass music, rising in the last decade or so, but some fall short of amalgamating a cohesive package that hits on all cylinders for each fanbase to really dive deep into the production. Although, BVLVNCE takes the best and brightest of both sectors and allows them to shine. Especially with ‘Coagulation‘ via Recall Records.

From the spine-tingling screams, growls, and grunts he can summon a demon from within and encapsulate true emotion. At the same time as running a bassline so heavy and dark, it crushes bones in a single swipe of his fervent approach. A true measure of balance and consonance between the genres, binding into one, becoming a connective tissue between the two. The introductory lyrics hit the nail on the head ‘These virtual wires are all connecting; emerging is both

If you follow BVLVNCE on Instagram or Facebook, you have seen his impeccable take on screamo and dubstep in his videos he uploads (not to mention his burly beard). He has so much passion in each of his performances and productions that it makes you scream along with him and subsequently get to headbanging shortly after. Simply blissful and blood-curdling all at the same time. A true aficionado of auditory pleasures from the harder, heavier, and darker sectors of the industry.


These virtual wires are all connecting
Emerging is both
Wrong and right
And now I’m the dark and light reflections
A brand new world is in my sights

I see myself
I see through hell
I see the heavens
And all that fell
I see connections cross
And wires melt
I see the plot of my story to tell
I am what lies in between
Everything, nothing
I am unseen
I am anxiety
I am the peace
You kept me quiet
But now I am free

My blood it rushes its way down
And crystalizes into a new me

Integrate internal bleeding
Start coagulation sequence

The dawn of a new age
Replacing my fear and rage
I’ll realize myself
And how I can help connect us

Coagulation sequence
Let’s go
Find what to fight for
Or bury your heart

I have hope in a new day
(In a new day)
I’ll fade to black but it’s okay
(It’s okay)
I’ve been blessed to share passion
(To share my passion)
So hear my love ever lasting

Server upload
Transmutation sequence

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