Phocust + Föhn Wind – ‘Stormbreak’ | Apostle Records Release [Track Write-Up] NEW Drum N’ Bass Tune

Phocust & Föhn Wind Displays A Electrifying Dose Of Drum N’ Bass With ‘Stormbreak

Written by: Garth Jones

Phocust and Föhn Wind send us into a whirlwind of energy with their new collaboration titled ‘Strombreak‘. This wild and wonderous drum and bass tune takes us into the storm, evading water spouts and whirlpools, to find its true declaration. Without skipping a beat, these two rising names have hit it on the head with this percussive release on Apostle Records.

The incremental favoring of drum and bass music as of late in American bass music culture is all the craze and this release in particular is exactly why. The phenomenal amount of energy in this style and genre takes its listeners on a ride they’ll never forget. A ride through the storm in search of a break, but what they find is the insurmountable amount of highs and lows, fortified by the synthesized basslines, and heart-pounding hits from these two producers.

Phocust and Föhn Wind are at the helm of taking their cohesive production styles and coming up with the addictive soundscapes, riveting switchbacks, and alarmingly well-designed structure of ‘Stormbreak‘ to ascend their repertoire of rambunctious tunes to new heights.

We highly encourage blaring this track on the loudest your speakers will take, removing any ‘breakables’ from your dancing area, and going to town with ‘Stormbreak‘. Hit repeat for the full effect, sharing for extra credit, and telling your friends for brownie points. We’ll attach their social media and music platform tabs to the bottom of the article so you can support these bass music titans.

[Stream ‘Stormbreak’ HERE]

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