Hooked On Tronicz Takes The Spotlight With His New Remix For ‘All Of A Sudden’

Idaho-located bass music producer Hooked On Tronicz finds his way into our stormy skies with his brand new remix release of Moosh X Twist’s ‘All Of A Sudden‘. A brief but brutal bass music/riddim style reiteration on the rap tune.

Starting things off with a brief and subtle movie sample from a more nostalgic movie pastime to where the real party starts as the rap verses start kicking in and this beatdown of bass begins. Hooked On Tronicz takes the bar and sets it way high for such a quick and to-the-point type of track. Not wasting any time or skipping a beat for this remix to go into effect. You can appreciate the total harshness and aggressive bassline and drops in the remix to really differentiate which part of the track is really hitting the hardest. Time to party!

‘All Of A Sudden We’re Savage’

Hooked On Tronicz released his bass banger ‘Faith In Me‘ not but 6 months ago on the Boise-based record label BoizeeBassGang. Putting him in the limelight for us to discover this genius. We know we couldn’t spotlight and or scout all the releases on BBG but we knew the ones that stood out from close up and afar we had a good feeling about Hooked On Tronicz, (or H.O.T. for short).

Hooked On Tronicz

Keep your eyes peeled and ears piqued because this bass music titan will assuredly have you hooked on his music before too long. We also foresee this gent taking on the Pacific Northwest and beyond before too long. Watch out, from the west to the east, Hooked On Tronicz is coming for your necks.

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