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[By: Garth Jones + Brandon Missig]

BoizeeBassGang takes on the Pacific Northwest and farther >>> Check it here!

[Boise, Idaho-based] record label known as nonother than BoizeeBassGang is in our storm and the focus of this spotlight article on their unrelentling bass in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). You may be excited to know that this label is owned by HippieFlipped, a recent Takeover Week artist we had as a guest, which was a 4/20 special from just weeks ago. His label, BoizeeBassGang is the product of supporting the local Boise area and beyond into Idaho and further outside the state.

Dubstep, Riddim, Basshouse, Experimental Bass? BBG has the hook!

You can find an array of music on their SoundCloud platform like Seattle-based Beauflexx and Static, Boise-located ALRGHT, and Trillenomics, amongst a teeming amount more, that make up this dubstep and riddim oriented record label. Each and everyone adding their dynamic, explosive, and forward-thinking skills to the table.

HippieFlipped has a whole set of artists under the gang of BoizeeBassGang while they unleash a gargantuan deployment of bass. Dial in… NOW

We plan to focus on seven (7) other artists that HippeFlipped curated for this particular spotlight article. The lineup includes BearKat, Gibblersnail, Lite Headed, Dunder Cheef, Doctor Chubs, HippieFlipped, and Hooked On Tronics. This neck-breaking while a diverse team of artists is killing it in their respective areas while influencing points beyond their current location. BoizeeBassGang has a true family here and we are just here to tell their story in the storm.

Let’s get familiar with BearKat

BearKat’s bouncy new tune, DrogasPerro, straddles the line between Tech and Bass house in this peak-time club heater. The song starts right on the groove, quickly getting you moving with a few vocal chops and a classic “rave stab” type chord progression. The lack of a more traditional intro makes this song feel like it was designed as a dancefloor weapon for DJs.

Instead of relying on a very fast bassline with a ton of distortion, this song uses a pretty modest amount of distortion on the bassline. It makes it sound less heavy and loud than most bass house, however, the groove and syncopation between the kick and bassline is much more reminiscent of those heavier bass house tunes. The rave stabs and vocal chops throughout keep the mood light and upbeat.

The song also has a really clean build in the middle of it that would create a big moment on the dancefloor. Overall this is a quick and clean tune, long enough to comfortably use in a set and predictable enough that it won’t throw the dancefloor off their groove. Did I mention it’s available for free on his SoundCloud?

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