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[Interview: AG]

Welcome to our storm, AG!
We are thrilled to get to chat!

Q1: For the new readers, fans, and listeners; what can you tell us about the origins story behind AG? 

A1: So I started this musical journey as a drummer playing classic rock covers with my friends in middle school. We would go see these cover bands of classic bands because most of those legendary rock bands were either all dead or too old and sounded like trash. Then my buddy brought me to a deadmau5 show and my entire perspective on music shifted. I realized I wanted to start producing and since then it’s been a wild ride.

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Q2: This Code: Lockdown | Brainsick Records stream titled ‘Bloodline’ is going to pop off, we know it! What do you plan to do differently for this set than others before? 

A2: So, I have created a custom 3D live stage for all of my twitch performances. This one will be completely created for this stream and never used again. I also play almost 99-100% of my own original music!

Q3: Your most recent release Death Code the EP is out now on Emengy! What sort of feelings and excitement do you have now that it is released to the masses?

A3:  That record took honestly a lot to make. I’ve been trying to figure out a serious sound I want to continue with and I feel this EP has truly brought that to life. I also got to experiment with more live instrumentation and songwriting which is what I love. I will absolutely be continuing this path and maybe even adding my own voice to the mix! 

Q4: Anything in the near future coming from you that we and your fans can anticipate for 2021? Any shows planned?

A4:  I have probably the biggest releases of my music career coming in the next few months. It has been incredibly hard keeping these secrets but wow am I excited. Truly bucket list shit happening at the moment. Also I live out in Boston so shows out here still aren’t a thing – BUT I do have a few out of states lined up before the year ends. 

Photo of: AG

Q5: Who is killing it on AG’s radar? Give them an astounding AG-style shout-out! 

A5: Oh boy, my favs right now are Cyclops, Jiqui, Shockface, Moore Kismet, Nazaar, Blaize, VLCN and so many more. A lot of these people I have the privilege to call friends!


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