Hunter Atlas – ‘To The Moon’ w/ CHMST | Presented by: Friends & Fam Events + SRC Events [Artist Interview]

Written by: Garth Jones


Hunter Atlas is making his Seattle, WA debut with headliner CHMST with direct support from bass music artists Dub Vader B2B DoBadlyy.

You can expect to find some serious bass in your face on July 3rd with CHMST, Dub Vader B2B DoBadlyy, and Hunter Atlas in Seattle, WA. All of these talented artists are most known for their mind-altering catalog of music they take with them on tour and from state to state. Each time they step up to the decks, the sheer amount of brutal basslines, insane build-ups, and gut-wrenching drops, the crowd goes wild and in unison they result in headbanging the night away. Expect the unexpected for this show as these artists are known to get buckwild. Buck. F**king. Wild.

Local support will be through the roof with rising names such as Dizzy The Frog, DJ Ecchi, Dulce Deejay, Fresh Socks, Grandy, Hazel Zen, Kezaki, Kimere, KUTT3R, Liike Roses, Majora, Next Gen, Sake Bomb, and VIGOR MORTIS (displayed in alphabetized order). These hot-and-fresh names will get the crowd in dance mode before the support and headliner take the stage to really send things into the atmospheric layers of Earth and beyond to the moon.

We chat it up with Hunter Atlas to get a glimmer into what exactly he has planned for his set. In addition to that we get an inside scoop on where his journey all began, who is inspiring him, and who is elegantly killing the game in the industry.


[Interview: Hunter Atlas]


Q1: We are thrilled to have you in our torrential downpour! What can you tell us about Hunter Atlas and where did this all begin for you?

A1: Hey thank you for having me! I’ll start with the name. My actual name is Hunter Overstreet, and I’ve always loved “Hunter”. The concept of the name is awesome since I like to think I hunt for and achieve anything I set my mind to. I set my sights and I do whatever it takes to achieve it. I also grew up with a fascination for Greek mythology. My emo self always felt like the world was on my shoulders so Atlas makes sense to embody as he was given the duty of holding up the heavens. As far as my start goes, I threw a lot of parties when I was younger (around 2010) that had huge turnouts and I had DJs that would spin and they fascinated me. I’d watch what they were doing and when they wanted a break I’d ask to try it out. I decided to put together a rave expecting maybe 200 people to show up and we ended up running out of wrist bands at 800 people on the first show. Playing for all of those people had me hooked! Fast forward to 2016 and I started producing music on Ableton. Then in 2019 I started taking lessons from artists like TenGraphs and my production got better. I’ve really lucked out with the connections I’ve made in the industry!

Q2: You are graced with the supporting/opening duties for the To The Moon event presented by Friends & Fam with CHMST as the headliner, which is absolutely exciting to see! What do you have planned for this event and what can your fans, listeners, and Pacific Northwest fanbase anticipate from your performance? 

A2:  I recently found my voice through my production and a lot of it revolves around crybanger (emotional heavy bass music you can cry and headbang to) dubstep/wave tunes. I also might sing live on some of my unreleased songs, so there’s that!

Q3: In a world of support and lifting others up, what does having friends and family mean to you as a touring artist in a bustling industry? Dig deep, we would love to know your insight on having folks in your corner! 

A3: As I said, I’m really lucky to have the connections I do in the community. The people I’ve bonded with online during the shutdown have been taking the chance on me and booking me all over and giving me a platform to release music and share my art with others. Through that I’ve really forged relationships that will probably stand the rest of my hopefully long career. As an artist, we dig into our hearts and bleed for our music. It’s really emotional and without a support system of friends, both in my immediate life and those that are online and support shows all over we couldn’t make it. The depression really can kick in when hitting the more dark parts of the creative mind as well as when the show is over. You get an endorphin rush while on stage and when you go back to the hotel you can come down from that and feel empty. I’m fortunate to have friends to travel with that really help lessen that void.

Q4: In your spare time, you throw events on The Western Slope of Colorado in Grand Junction and beyond. How does this prepare you for when you take the stage? 

A4: Shows help me connect with others on a visceral level by bringing a special experience for those that join in on the festivities. I get to see how others perform, network with artists I bring in, and when I’m playing at the shows I get to test out new songs in a world-class venue in front of incredible audiences and see what works for when I tour and play elsewhere. The amount of support is amazing and it’s helped open more doors elsewhere for shows that I can invest on and perform at.

Q5: Your recent cover of ATB’s Ecstasy’ featuring Kiwi is a total knockout. Where did you draw the inspiration from to put your own spin on a classic house track?

A5:  I love ravey vibes and it was a classic that I loved so much. I wanted to Hunter Atlas the song so that I could play it live and give it a more modern feel while also paying proper tribute to it. It’s a good idea of what my new sound is like and I’ve also decided to start doing covers of some of my favorite songs. Like a remix but more my own take on them! Plenty of more to come.

Q6: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Give us a glimpse into that 2026 timeline!


A6: Well the goals I set for myself would find Hunter Atlas as a household name. I will push to have releases with dream labels such as Sable Valley (RL Grime), Subsidia (Excision), and Alter/Ego (Hex Cougar) and I’ll be on my own tour as well as hit the big EDM festivals (EDC, Ultra, Dancefestopia, etc). On top of that I’m wanting to regularly throw 5-6 shows in different metropolitan areas around the US every month. I’ll be documenting my entire journey to get to this point and beyond on YouTube to hopefully inspire others and show that anyone can do anything they set their mind to!

Q7: Aside from the aforementioned event in Seattle To The Moon’, what can we expect from Hunter Atlas in the near future and even a dash farther out? Give us the breakdown! 

A7:  I have multiple shows planned through the year in various cities and a lot of new song releases and collaborations with incredibly talented artists. If you want to catch one of my sets or listen to any new music and hopefully be moved by what you hear, check out my socials and follow along for the ride. Also keep your eyes open for the YouTube which will go live next month!

Q8: Who is utterly doing the industry and dance music community justice in their careers? Give them a gleaming Hunter Atlas-styled shout-out!

A8:  In a cymatics preset dominated world where a lot of music sounds the same, there are some artists truly pushing the boundaries of what can be done in their genres and are slept on for sure. I would love to shout out Juelz, Hex Cougar, and Hekler (his new future R&B style is incredible), they are inspiring me every day with the wild stuff they create! Also I want to shout out my friend Tokyo Mandy because she has some incredible new tunes about to come out that are game changers. She’ll blow up soon for sure!

Details: To The Moon
Date: July 3rd, 2021
Doors: 7pm – 4am
Location: Seattle, Washington
Facebook Event Page: HERE

Warehouse Event
704 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
18+ | 21+ bar area / Food
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