Flatland Funk + TORN – Onslaught: Emengy Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Canadian-based] record label Emengy is summoning up a ghoulishly delightful collaboration from the nightmarish minds of Flatland Funk and TORN with their newest releases ‘Onslaught‘. Prepare yourselves for a highly concentrated metal and bass infused piece of production as it will shake you to your very core. An immensely action-packed piece of art fit for any headbanger who dares to listen it and it’s 3:14 worth of mightiness.


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Flatland Funk

Within seconds, the orchestrally raw introduction gets an electronic layering to a righteous build-up. The evolution is quite alarming, but easily cohesive to understand as this drop is exactly the next-level bass music you’re treated with from this caliber of artists. The additives and extra pieces to this track like the guitar riffs, samples, and neatly structured drops keeps this one on repeat, effortlessly.


These two culprits of chaos, Flatland Funk and TORN are behind the madness afoot. Firstly, the fur-footed bass music producer Flatland Funk has been increasingly busy with not just his crazy releases (like Bone Snappa with AG) but his electronic efforts elsewhere. For example, his live stream festival ‘Down The Rabbit Hole‘ with Wubz Clan, he just built a virtual nightclubClub Flatland‘, and is on the Board of Directors at Emengy (Yes, Emengy. I know, right!?).

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TORN doesn’t hold when it comes to bringing heat to the table. His repertoire of ridiculous tracks isn’t to be undermined now or ever. Just two months ago, this herculean sound warrior had just released his Grim EP, played on the ‘Down The Rabbit Hole‘ live stream event, in addition to his inqualifiable amount of remixes and flips for heavy-hitters like Snails, Samplifire, and Slimez. TORN really does tear it up (no pun intended).

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[As mentioned from above: Club Flatland pictured below]


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