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Q1: For our readers and your soon-to-be fans, who is Flatland Funk? Where can you remember it all started and what happened at that moment when Flatland Funk came to fruition?

A1: I was introduced to electronic music about 15 years ago (or more – but I don’t want to do the math because it will age me!) More specifically, I remember attending a PPM Party at the Crystal Ballroom in Saskatoon where Dave The Drummer, Deepsky, and Dekoze were playing. That night changed my life. I fell in love with the music, the scene, the people… The rest is history!

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Q2: Down The Rabbit Hole is closer than it is far. What can we expect from your set and performance? Is anything funky planned?

A2: I have prepared a killer set jam-packed with a ton of ID’s and edits. It is a mixture of trap and dubstep with a lot of fun hip hop vocals and heavy drops. My visuals are wild, and I have my good friend Torn to thank for that – he helped me put them together. I’m quite excited to see what people think!

(Catch Flatland Funk @ 8pm CST TONIGHT)


Q3: 2021 is a new, fresh, and much-needed restart for lots of folks. How do you plan to make this year that much more impressionable for your fans across the globe?

A3: I will be continuing to embrace the digital world by streaming and throwing more online festivals. I also have a lot of fresh new music and some amazing collaborations coming up! I am finishing up an EP too, which is very exciting. I have also been working alongside Vince, Nick, and the rest of the EMENGY team. The (EMENGY) label has a huge lineup prepared for 2021, with a group of really talented producers. We are focusing on the growth of the EMENGY brand as a whole as well. I am just trying to remain focused and stay busy. The pandemic is unfortunately still preventing most of us from gathering, but technology allows us to still come together and enjoy the music in a safe and distant way. I am very appreciative and grateful for that!

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Q4: Your most recent collaboration with AG titled BONE-SNAPPA which is out now on [emengy] is conclusively wicked. The sudden changes in sound and constant punches keep the energy high. What goes into making something like this?

A4: We (AG & I) wanted to create something heavy of course, but something super fun and high energy. I feel that it stands out thanks to the super punchy kicks and a really creative sound design. Collaborating with AG was a blessing though. He is so insanely talented. Collaborations definitely keep things fresh!

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Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give them a heartfelt Flatland Funk shoutout.

A5: This is a very tough question for me as there are just way too many talented artists out there. Of course, I have to shoutout to my Emengy family: AG, Jaysyx, Mully, Say Word, Smiles Only, Stvnk Fvce, Whax, Mishap, Wye Nawt. Some others that I have on my radar are Trvcy, Dr.Ushuu, Cyclops, Lizzy Jane, Blaize, Perry Wayne, Bainbridge, Bizo, Shoku, Big n Slim, and Akeos. My biggest dream collab would definitely be with the G.O.A.T – Virtual Self. I do also want to applaud everyone in the industry who is continuing to work hard on their dreams, pushing boundaries and themselves every day!


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