QUE$O – You Want It [Track Write-Up]

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QUE$O – ‘You Want It’

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[Minnesota-based] stadium-sized bass music producer QUE$O returns into our stormy skies to deliver a severely incredible dubstep tune that is mean, sernere, and with a doubt worth several plays and listens over and over with his release titled ‘You Want It‘.

Packed in the 2:44 single from QUE$O is a neatly structured and layered build of easy vocals, orchestral instruments, samples, and a perfect dose of bass to blow you the f**k away. Each twist the track takes is a pleasant and neck breaking-worthy turn for the better. Laced through-and-through by the crisp and melodic vocal soundscape to even out the heavy with lightness and grace.

No photo description available.
photo of: QUE$O
photo by: Spencer Tuttrup

By tracks end, sweat is accumulating on your forehead and you’re ready for another drop to burst your excitement once again. Fortunately, you get the opportunity to hit replay and relive the experience over once more (more than that, we’ll be honest). At times, and especially in this case, less is more.

QUE$O drives it home once more with ‘You Want It‘ which you can stream from here and follow his pages, social media platforms, and more. Be sure to check out his other tracks, remixes, and collaborative works for your listening pleasures. We sure loved it and know from our own efforts ‘you want it‘ too.

[By: Garth Jones]




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