Wheysted – Beefed Up Bass Music From California [Artist Interview]

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By: Garth Jones

[Interview: Wheysted]

Welcome, Wheysted! We are thrilled to have this opportunity to chat!

First off want to say thank you Garth for taking time to talk with me. I know there are a lot of artist out there and you chose to invest in me and with that being said I love talking about my brand because its more than just music to me. – Wheysted


Q1: Where does the name Wheysted derive from?

A1: “Where does Wheysted come from?”

I get this a lot. and it was something really hard for me to actually decide on. with my background in competitive bodybuilding and being a nutrition guy (went to school for biology and nutrition and exercise physiology.) I knew I wanted something to do with my passion for physical health as it is very important to me. it took me about 9 months into producing to figure out the name.
Wheysted comes from the gym bros that would make the pun –

“Imma go to the bar and get Wheysted

Like, going to the gym and then drinking whey protein. I was one of those guys since I’m not a big drinker I would always say that. It made sense that it would be my name looking back because its aggressive, easy to remember, and SEO wise I have very little competition.

Wheysted to me, is about health. my whole goal with this project is to make music that people obviously love, if its my heavy headbanging tracks, my future bass hybrids or anything in between I want people to connect with my music. Not only that I want them to connect to their health. and realize living a healthier lifestyle can help make your life better in general. the healthier you are the harder you can go in the pit, ya know?

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Q2: How did you get into dance music and the greater electronic community? Take us all the ‘whey’ back!

A2:Let’s go Wheyyyy back to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. the day brostep blew up with Skrillex’s album. It made me very interested in this noisy weird sounding music. for me it was like a high I wanted to chase, these drops had so much energy and you NEVER KNEW what was coming in them. this grew over time where I discovered, Flux Pavilion, Zomboy, Excision, and more. I went to my first festival in 2015 in Chicago called Spring Awakening. and hearing bass on those speakers changed my life. I remember the last day the closer was RL Grime and I heard core on the speakers and literally thought I was getting punched in the face by bass. my ears hurt so bad but that feeling inside my chest really fueled my addiction and sealed the deal into dubstep. I loved it.

Fast forward through the years and my taste kept getting attracted to heavier artists like Kompany, Wooli, Bear Grillz, Datsik (i know it’s a sensitive subject). Datsik was the next big breakthrough hearing his track with Virtual Riot “Nasty”. really made me focused on “brostep” the aggressive growls. the phrasing and how head bangable it was. the energy always at 120% the feeling was euphoric.

  I really loved the PLUR community as well. I was very timid my first year going to shows. not headbanging a ton or really getting into it unless I was drinking. cause it was a new concept to me to just let loose and feel the music. nowadays I’m in the pit 100% sober getting everyone hyped af. I love the love in the community and how they are welcoming to anyone. the community is really what makes it an amazing scene. 

Q3: What kind of music do you produce? How would you describe it to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet?

A3: What kind of music do I produce? Me loving really heavy sets inspire me to make heavy music. right now I would say 90% of my releases are heavy brostep tracks like Excision, Kompany, Wooli, Subtronics, Rated R style.

That being said you will see me put a lot of hybrid genres together that necessarily don’t go together. I have an unreleased track that is a moombahton dubstep drop and also has psytrance in it. like its a weird combo but it works and most importantly fun.

The music I will be pushing to release will be heavy drops and emotional intros and breakdowns. I really want the emotions of a track to get under the skin of a listener and hit close to home. then hit them with a heavy drop that brings the energy to 150%. I also don’t really like using the same sound in tracks as I like to be creative and try new things every time. I would say it’s familiar to virtual riot in the fact you know it’s a VR song without having the sig sound every time.

Q4: What has been your favorite experience/memory thus far in your career?

A4: My favorite moment in my career was playing a show for Halloween (social distanced and masked). I was opening for Gladez. and a lot of people showed up early which was super cool. So it was probably 1/2 capacity and at that time I dropped an unreleased track called Bringing Brostep Back (which is now out on Spotify) and the crowd went f**cking nuts. it was a surreal moment for me like yooo, that’s my track and people are going nuts. like I’m just the opener and they fucked with it that hard. I think I froze for a second cause I was preparing the next track to mix in when I looked up and saw it and was just so overwhelmed with happiness. honestly no better feeling in the world. 

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Q5: Have you witnessed anything outlandish or wild at a festival or show? Let us know!

A5: Hmmm. the wildest experience I think I had at a festival was one called Middlelands in 2016 (I think was the year. They only had one which is a shame cause it was AMAZING). The sound camps after the main show had headliners playing them like Snails and stuff and there were fire dancers doing cool acts while people were in those bubble balls (ones you can run in) and just had a huge pit of like 6 of those balls surrounded by fire dancers. It was so cool to see and it was like 3 am and the crowd was so packed and into it. Another cool experience would be Lost Lands cavern that has the illusions in it that look so real. I had seen videos of what was inside and its next level. If you go to Lost Lands definitely go to it!

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Q6: Let your fans know your favorite foods and snacks. Food is the fastest way to the soul, right?

A6: Food is definitely the fastest way to my heart. Favorite food is pretty simple for me. love me some steak (ribeye or sirloin) cooked medium rare with sweet potato and veggies. My favorite snack. this is gonna sound weird but there is a protein powder that tastes just like lemonade. love doing some shakes with that protein as it keeps me full and keeps my protein up lol. but if I had to choose an unhealthy snack it would probably be Oreos and milk. Other than that my snacks are usually like trail mix or some type of protein bar.

Q7: What is next for Wheysted? What can we expect in the not-so-distant future?

A7: The non-distant future for Wheysted has some exciting news. I recently did a remix for Scafetta and made one of the heaviest and wonkiest tracks (as I said earlier love doing hybrid stuff). should be coming out next month! along with that, I have a couple of collaborations in the work. can’t talk about a lot of them but one may be a heavy tune with no other than spider boy himself “BENZO$“.I have something in the works with Dani King as well but it’s still very early so I don’t know if that counts as a short future haha. and finally, I’ll have a remix announcement early next month. so maybe 2 tracks coming next month!  A lot of next-level Wheysted tracks will be coming this year I promise.

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Q8: Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a textbook Wheysted shout-out!

A8: Who do I see killing it lately?! Shoot so many good artists out there. If you love melodic sad boi stuff, Stryer and Vodenik are definitely going places. if you like trap BENZO$ has a crazy unique style. If you like “future riddimAuselot has some crazy tracks that are really unique. If you love heavy stuff. Heaven Fell is next level with his tearout. and finally OMAS he’s gotten a lot of traction since his release on Subsidia, and it’s well deserved. his style is so unique and vibey. definitely would check out all those artists if you like those styles because they are amazing!




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