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[Written by: Garth Jones]

[Kansas-based] electronic dance music producer Achilles delivers up a increasingly energetic and fiery self-released house track titled ‘Lonely‘. Brimming with salacious samples, synths, and structure to really seal in the deal – that this track is all you need. All alone, headphones in, more content and copasetic than ever.

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Diverse in sound, Achilles brings the energy in more than one genre. His strengths are widespread, skills on point, and undeniably can summon sweat from any raging crowd on the dancefloor (and at home). Fresh off his heavy-bass release titledGladiator‘ with Canadian-located record label Emengy, Pitcrew Compilation V2 with Nightenjin, several guest mixes, live streams and more, his 2021 year has been fruitful and active. What could be next?

More fire, we can feel it.

Right away, you can tell this isn’t a somber or sad type of lonely. This type of lonely is the clear-headed, independent, and self-sufficient kind. ‘Lonely‘ let’s you know it is just you and the music. From front to back, top to bottom, side to side; this beat goes in.

“Don’t wait up for me, I don’t get lonely”

Completely enveloping you in the serenade of soundscapes only fit for a dark room and the volume all the way up. Achilles really drives it with the funky dynamic layering of upbeat sounds and beats to really encapsulate a well-designed and fun track for any house-head in sight with ‘Lonely‘. So do yourself a favor, head on downtown, blare this track with those windows down.
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