Nightenjin – Pit Crew V2 [Compilation Write-Up]

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[Nightenjin] revs their engines, loudly, ferociously, and absolutely burns the ground with their second-annual compilation ‘Pit Crew V2‘ featuring a well-curated lineup of five talented producers. Starting the compilation off is Achilles, following with Adame, PVRTY HVRD, Pretence, and ultimately wrapping up with matphilly with their respective tracks ‘Rydrz‘, ‘She Started Prayin‘, ‘Thang Low‘, ‘Blood Bath‘, and ‘this song is thiccer than pokimane dawg‘.


[Achilles] manifests a whirlwind of energy with his track ‘Rydrz‘ being an upbeat, vigorous, and house-forward track. The initial vitality and reaction is head-turning in nature. Just right off the bat your head and hips get to work. Imminently gaining unstoppable traction and speed the track mirrors your heartbeat with great juxtaposition. This track slaps from front to back, being a hugely reactive and impacting starting release on the compilation from Achilles.

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[Adame] winds up some serious heavy-hitting production with ‘She Started Prayin’. This hip-hop, a**-shaking, rump bumper is the winter bass anthem you have been waiting for this year. With the contrast in energy and cinematic interludes, this exemplification of skill is the next new wave of wobbles and elbow ups you can anticipate for normalcy in 2021. Our hats are off to this producer.

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[PVRTY HVRD] decimates our eardrums with the ever-alluring dance floor banger ‘Thang Low‘. Bustling and teeming with life and lust, this creative house track rings the bells and checks off on all things to qualify this as a favorite four-on-the-floor tune for any bass-house enthusiast. Echoing with immense pleasure, this one from PVRTY HVRD goes… hard as f**k.

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[Pretence] conjures complete dominance and control with ‘Blood Bath’, revealing itself as a rapscallion of a house track. Administering the catchy, hypnotizing, and animalistic auditory assault in a fashion unprecedented for our minds to comprehend. Easily smashing the repeat button just to add insult to injury… in a good way. While we are wiping the sweat away, we’ll seal the deal and note this as earth-shatteringly good.

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[matphilly] develops an expansive and exploratory adventure for the senses with ‘this song is thiccer than pokimane dawg‘, leaving the mind directionless and the lungs breathless. The skillful and effortless display of speed and overall energy in this hard-hitting trap tune will undeniably be your secret weapon and finale at any party or show. Keep this track and producer close because this release will ascend this artist to unreachable places.

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