Linkr – Submerge: Denali Music Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Rio De Janeiro-based] electronic music producer and beatmaker aficionado Linkr manifests with immense clarity and finesse his newest Denali Music Records released titled ‘Submerge‘. This melodically trap-forward tune is sure to get your utmost graceful side meeting your utmost hyphey-self.

Impressively, Linkr, the creator of curation is not only fine in the art of music production but his talents are expansive in the realms of visual design. You can only assume with the double-down of skill here at play is the result of both worlds colliding cohesively. In addition, utilizing a sample pack he made himself, Linkr takes on the spectrum of sound in the most organic and natural way, from the ground up to give you ‘Submerge‘.

On display is the emotion, thoughtfulness, and fervent production of articulation in his music. After listening to the trap-tune several times you can really envelope yourself in what in only imaginable in Linkr’s shoes. Denali Music Records has found a real diamond, and has done a remarkable job of showing the luminosity to the world with this releases.

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