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MYSTIC packages together a well-curated, diverse, and creatively developed album titled ‘HUMAN‘. Within the eleven tracks and collaborative efforts inside you can be joyed to expect sounds from Latin-fusion, trap, bass music, reggae, and layered hip-hop vibes through-and-through. This album carries a noteworthy appeal to a vast array of fans, listeners, and someone looking for something fresh. Let’s dive in…

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The start to the album, ‘Worth‘ featuring 24HRS beginning with those poppy hip-hop and upbeat elements to really get your feet moving and rump shaking. Quickly adding in a lacing of basslines and electronic additives creates a very alarmingly fun entryway to the rest of the album.

Complimenting the energy, ‘Memories‘ featuring the graces of J Spooks gives a melodic subsequence that is garnished with high soundscapes backed with drums and vocals to really bop your head. Hit that repeat button for the full effect. Do it once more for your own pleasure, we did.

Coming in next on the album, the jumpy production ‘Headache‘ is blessed by the beautiful vocals of Jezzabell Doran which is declared with instrumental flute and whispers, adding another lavish element. You’ll definitely be singing along after the first listen.

Superlove‘ with Mixed Matches starts slow, mesmerizing, and leisurely then immensely switches gears to a faster trap-forward tune, letting your body know exactly what to do next. Naturally, it’s to throw down your elbows and get rowdy.

4EVER‘ comes in strong along with the hypnotic and magnetic notes that take you to a beachside soiree in your head all the while your hip begin to sway. This is assuredly a warm and eclectic addition to the album. As the romantic Latin vocals serenade this track it is completely laced with neatly placed drumlines and upbeat electronic hits.

Unfair’ is a fun installation to the album as its got pop, trap, and a mean dose of electronically driven attributes. The slowed vocals provided by Talia Stewart really add a more flow-like state to the collaboration, freeform, and laid back for listening. Upon a closer inspection, this collab is assuredly a favorite of mine.

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MYSTIC and Melissa Brooks team up for an ultra-melodic showdown with ‘Heartless‘. This drippy, trapped-out, and garnished beat is a soft listen before it gets a dash more sped up with a multitude of tricks and turns at every corner. You truly get a whole plethora of prominent points and interesting parts from this collaboration. Oh yes, and those drums that carry through, a huge bonus!

We speed things up with Oblue hopping on the track with MYSTIC in their release on the HUMAN Album titled ‘Stunna‘. You get right to work with this track. Collar popped, shades over your eyes, and the sway of a cityside street kid. This track takes you back to your fondest adolescent memories ready for rowdiness.

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Snooze’ featuring O’Zilla is no sleeping matter. This upbeat, creative, and call-to-action track has all the stops and whistles. A wickedly fun and brazen beat picks up on all the best notes to get up and go. ‘If you snooze then you lose’ is the chorus, and we all know this all too well, so don’t sleep on this slapper!

Viral‘ featuring Codeine Chris is a knockout track from MYSTIC on the album. Brimming with glamorous and fortified electronic synths and layered drums, backed by the dominant bars of Codeine Chris‘s is all you need this week (if not month). So pop a bottle, grab a cup (or two), and pour up because this track calls for a toast.

Ending the album in a mellow fashion is ‘Paradise‘ with Rockie Fresh on the track. Right away, the beat is sway-worthy, hands up, blunt in hand. The album couldn’t have ended any better as this ender is keeping it real and fresh all at the same time. MYSTIC puts in the extra work to really layer this collaboration with the iconic and prolific amounts of chill and copasetic soundscapes to draw in the listener.


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