Bassassin – Open Your Eyes ft. Serj Tankian [Track Write-Up]

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Open Your Eyes

[San Diego-based] electronic bass music talent crushes our bones, minds, and eardrums with his newest collaboration with System Of A Down‘s lead singer Serj Tankian titled ‘Open Your Eyes‘. Utterly irrefutable how intense and heavy this track gets and in no time. Riddim laces the track’s soundscapes whilst the vocals are stern and authoritative. A must listen for any bass head who loves a little rock infusion in their repertoire.

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Wobbling uncontrollably, the deep, dark, and forcefully brutal elements in the track really get fortified by Bassassin‘s ability to tie it all together. From beginning to end, the power is apparent. The introductory guitar and drums, followed by the call-to-action by Serj‘s vocals, then combusting into the crescendoing powerhouse bass we all want, and need frankly.

2021 is shaping up to be a empirically enthusiastic year for Bassassin, in terms of music. Starting off the year with a banger like this really sets the pace and standard for his upcoming and ongoing career. San Diego, the surrounding area, and his state of California as a whole need to keep their sights on him, with laser focus. This guy may be the bass assassin, but he means well. Bassassin will slice, dice, and remain a rising talent, stealthily or not.

[Listen to Open Your Eyes]

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