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[Interview: HippieFlipped]

Q1: As a refresher course for our readers and your new soon-to-be fans, who is HippieFlipped? Where did this all begin?

A1 HippieFlipped started out as a skateboarding clothing company funny enough!  I was a sponsored skateboarder in my late teens and always wanted to create a skateboard related company so I decided what better than a company that is represented by the trick Hippie Flip and focus mostly on tie-dye apparel. At the time I was getting back into dubstep for the first time in years and going to the occasional show.  After attending a couple of shows with Excision, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, Boombox Cartel, I decided I really wanted to learn how they make the music they do and play on a stage one day. I had always been a fan of psychedelics and the counterculture. I figured why not continue with the brand I had already started to create. As it speaks to my skateboarding roots, and my psychedelic interests.

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Q2: As far as a liking to sound, where do you fall? What genres are you primarily working with/on?

A2 I’m a headbanger at heart. I love rowdy crowds and vibes probably due to my skateboarding background haha. I spend most of my time working on bass-heavy tunes, dubstep, riddim, freeform that kind of stuff. I recently finished up my first real attempt at future bass and actually really like what I have come up with. Probably in my top 3 of tracks I’ve ever made. ( Will be coming out on Valentine’s Day)

Q3: Let’s talk about ‘Killas’! Where did you muster the inspiration to make this nasty, bone-crushing, and ultimately heavy track?

A3 Killas was actually a year old or so when it was released! It was inspired by Trampa/ Badklaat style in the drops. I’ve always really felt a connection to the tearout style dubstep. Basically just found some cool vocals on Splice and stretched them to the bpm and the track just kinda came together. I was stuck with 2nd drop for some time, one day I just found a cool groove I liked and thought it fit the rest of the tune. The biggest motivation for the tune would probably be wanting to make people mosh their faces off and to really slap you in the face with its aggressive composition.

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Q4: In terms of your radar, who are you working with? Who do you want to work with in the future?

A4. At the moment I’m working on my own. I like the idea of working with labels and other artists but tend to be too in my own head about how I want my project perceived, which in turn makes it difficult for me to collaborate with friends and or send music to be released on labels. I’m trying to build up my catalog of music, refresh my brand, and get to a point where I feel like I want to be with my project and hopefully land some decent releases later in the year. Eventually, I’d really like to work with artists like Cherney, BLAIZE, vocalists/rappers, and land some more releases hopefully with labels like The Goblins Lair, and eventually some bigger labels like Buygore, Disciple, NSD.

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Q5: What does Idaho offer in regards to music that other states cannot touch on?

A5. Haha um, that is a good question. I think it’s a lot like other states, there are some really cool people that want things to get better as a whole and create opportunities for those who deserve it, and then there are the people that just look out for their own interests and only put forth the effort to push their own agendas. We do have some of the best crowds in the northwest, and loads of potential especially in the city of Boise. We also have some really hard-working promoters trying to keep things lively during these times with livestream festivals and shows. Big shout out to Crux Presents, Thump, and the Vizard for keeping things lively during these strange times. I think once restrictions start to loosen up again we are going to have some insane shows and some really dope opportunities for our artists. 

Q6: You are the owner of BoizeeBassGang. What is it and what can people expect from this addition to your ever-growing network?

A6BoizeeBassGang is a group of homies that just like to release dope music at the moment. It’s an attempt to give smaller artists more exposure and help grow their individual fan base, along with growing the actual brand to eventually one day being able to sign a select few from Boise and beyond. Eventually, we would like to do takeovers at events, have our own merch, and have a community for fellow artists to be able to learn from and answer questions for those who need help with their sound, branding, technique, etc. Wanting to keep the vibe grungy and skater-like, and continue to release music without boundaries and without being genre-specific.

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Q7: As far as HippieFlipped goes, what can we anticipate and/or drool upon in the meantime?

A7 Currently I’m sitting on two of the best tunes I’ve ever made, one being my future bass track “Love” which will be out on Valentine’s day, the other is a meme sampled tune from a popular TikTok ” You look like you can’t swim”. It has the cleanest and heaviest sound design I’ve ever come up with. (And it will be starting mosh pits in a venue near you soon enough.)I’m working on new music weekly and also talking with my homie Raskl about making a VIP of our collab we released a couple of years ago “STEP UP” which has continued to get traction since it was released. And possibly another tune as well.

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Q8: Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a textbook HippieFlipped shoutout! 

A8 Damn there are so many people killing the game right now. To name a few, Cherney, BLAIZE, Doctor Chubs, Raskl, Dunder Cheef, Alien Thunder, Kalibr, Bearkat. All of these artists are putting in work and pushing the boundaries of their tier. Cherney and BLAIZE will be doing worldwide tours in no time with the groundbreaking music they are putting out. They’re probably my biggest inspirations at the moment. I’m surely forgetting a few but these are the main ones that come to mind. Oh, and of course all my BoizeeBassGang homies. Outside of music I would like to shout out my wife Emma Collins, she keeps my ass in line and helps keep me motivated and driven to stay positive, make progress in all areas, and keep on making music and doing things to progress not only myself but also our BoizeeBassGang community.

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