Huski – Toxic Love [Track Write-Up + Remix Competition]

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[California-based] dance music artist Huski is back! Howling with diversity in every track he comes out with, you can guarantee this release is no different. Hitting extra hard, ‘Toxic Love‘ is a trap-forward heater set to be an anthem this winter/spring. Your elbows and head get right to work when you jam this. The drums, sound design, and usage of high hitting notes is all the rage, in this lovely yet gaseous get-up! You can listen to the track, find out for yourself how you vibe to it. We assuredly smashed the like, repost, and play buttons!

For our producer friends, family and fans; there is a remix competition available. Snag those stems located above and get familiar with the rules, guidelines, and parameters below. Hit it fast, as there is a deadline, folks. Get creative and crush it!

Written by: Garth Jones


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