Nick Martinez – San Diego’s Newest Self-Taught Talent [Artist Spotlight]

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[written by: Sarahi Pelayo]

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Originally from Idaho and newly moved to San Diego, California is self-taught producer Nick Martinez. The 24-year-old moved all the way from Idaho to California because of its reputation for shows and his initiative to take his music career more seriously. His interest in tech then developed into his curiosity for music.

Nick’s strives for being authentic and genuine chose to go with his name for a stage name. His motto is to grow genuine by showing his true personality than just choosing any generic name out there. Nick’s first show was in 2013 shortly a year after he started learning how to DJ. DJing wasn’t enough to feed Nick’s motivation as he then learned how to produce in 2015. 

Nick learned all his knowledge by using YouTube and participating in group chats with other producer friends who would help each other learn. Like any producer out there he would get discouraged but wouldn’t upset him because he’d overcome this by constantly moving on to a different part of learning new skills on youtube. He doesn’t get “hyper focused if he can’t achieve it”, it’s all part of his creative process. Aside from being self-taught in music production, Nick has also taught himself how to create his own visuals for his music. Definitely not limited in his career he has also taught himself how to brand and make his own merch. 

Be sure to be on the lookout this month, Nick Martinez is dropping ‘One Way’ on February 12, a bass focused tune. The tune opens up with a groovy house tempo then instantly changes in beat with a dark synth. Playing at 125 beats per minute it definitely gets the body moving as it fades out for a second then comes back with a techno beat that you can hear throughout the whole song. Its catchy lyric ‘One way’ is repeated throughout the song as the second drop becomes deeper with an intense low bass beat.

If you haven’t already heard ‘Insanity’ a collab with Blue Blood and trippy vocals by Maria Jolie you should give it a listen. This is song has close to already 1k plays and opens up and maintains a REZZ song feeling. The lyrics of these songs will surely be left to play in your head, “I think I’m going insane”. The lyrics and the techno beat go hand in hand complimenting each other.


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