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[Interview: PHEONIX]

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Q1: For our readers and your soon-to-be-fans, what can you tell us about your origin in dance music? Where did it all begin?

A1: My origin dates back to 2003. The first EDM type song I had ever heard was Skream – Midnight Request Line. From the first note to the ending, I was entranced by the sound, composition, and subtle energy of the track. It was from that moment that I realized I had to figure out what exactly the genre of this song was and how I could produce it myself. After losing a bit of interest between 2003-2008, in 2009 I found Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites, then First Of The Year shortly after that. The fire to become a producer was lit then. After struggling for about 7 years, one song from my friend Dragon Flare rocketed my interest in EDM, and by connection, dubstep again. 

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Q2: What is your outlook on the culture at large? What is on your mind in regard to the collective industry and scene as a whole?

A2: This may be a bit controversial, but that’s never bothered me. The scene as it is right now, honestly, is in a bad place. Toxicity, ego, and lack of morals are prevalent within the scene. I’ve watched this community grow from basically nothing into a sprawling, profitable, and interesting sect of the music industry. We are honestly the true masters of sound design and creativity and I can’t wait to see how much farther we can push into the mainstream industry and be looked at as a solid contender for sound as a whole. The mindset of now is, unfortunately, in a more negative place. I watch artists belittle each other. If your not in a certain place that they agree with, you are generally ignored. We are already a struggling community with keeping ourselves in check so we may grow, so this negativity is something we need to move past and work together to rise higher. People need to stop canceling others out. I mean, for understandable things, yes, cancel them. Things of wrong sexual nature, controversy just for the sake of, idiotic commenting about natural disasters, stealing packs or music, etc. But for reasons that make no sense, no. 

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Q3: You had mentioned to me before the interview about your short term memory loss. What can you expand on that as you a rising artist? 

A3: Even though it’s not confirmed that I have it, I have a problem with remembering certain things. I’ve been producing for the better part of 14 years, but have made little progress. It’s either life that stops me from producing (lack of equipment, no time, having equipment, and then losing it), or I just can’t grasp what I’m watching or being told, to learn. I have made a good bit of progress though this past month as I’m making little notes and reminders of various things about my DAW to kind of cement the knowledge thru repetitiveness. This year I realized that if I am to make it, I need to grind harder than ever before. I don’t want to get too old and not be able to play shows and whatnot. I hope to continue growing bigger and better. 

Q4: What sort of aspirations do you have as an artist? 

A4: This is kind of a big one for me. I aim to be the catalyst of change for the scene through my support and positive outlook. I want to become the benchmark for an artist’s mindset when they start their road to being a producer. I want them to see that it is hard, it seems impossible, BUT, it is achievable. I’ve grinding nonstop to get where I am, and I’m still a nobody. But my standing with people and knowing how they perceive me and my thinking are what continue to drive me. There are people that actually look up to me just because of how I carry myself, how I support others, and how I speak my mind. Yes, I have messed up a few times within my time as a producer, both by ego and idiocy. But I’m slowly regaining my standing and my outlook on what I want and need to achieve with this dream of mine. I don’t see myself being the next Skrillex, Zomboy, or Code: Pandorum or anything. But I hope my sound, my storytelling, and my ambition touch even a few hearts worldwide. 

Q5: Dream festival to headline with your friends? Who and where? 

A5: Ultra and Lost Lands. Hands down. Their stages are always prime. And honestly, if I could have a lineup, it would definitely include Jvmpskare, Scafetta, StillTrill, and Alex Voltz

Q6: What is a message you’d like to leave to your listeners and fans?

A6: The message I want to leave is probably the most important to me. If your reading this, know that it’ll be ok. Keep grinding. If you’re just starting out, know that you’re going to be terrible for a while. Everything will sound bad and you are your hardest critic. But never let the grind stop. You can make it, and you will make it with perseverance and hard work. There will be untold challenges and hardships. But keep your head on your shoulders

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Q7: Who do you see killing it on the daily? Give them a healthy shout-out!

A7: There are quite a few artists I’d like to shoutout if possible. There’s so many I hope you’ll allow them all to be shouted out.

Jvmpskare, Alex Voltz, Scafetta, Fermilat, StillTrill, Shobi, Gawm, YaNo Maybe, Marual, Espioth, MetalliK, ASIL, Bvssflux, BEYOND REPAIR, Ghxst, Forreign, Delcherro, Xstinction, D00D, Dragon Flare/Oft3n/FineChina, MurMur, Audiodrone

Labels killing it and deserve the HIGHEST praises:

Wicked Records, Brainsick Records, Mythos Records, Psychocybin Records, Biophaze Records, Deathstar Cult Ltd., Anti-Feel Records, Mosh Squad

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