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[Texas-based] artist collective company Veridian Management will be taking reign of our systems for the following week. They will showcase the sounds, stories, and imaginations of their whole squad in the electrifying Monsoon Season fashion. We invite you to take notice across all of our platforms to find, follow, and connect with the brilliant, up, and coming management brand testing to take over the world, beginning with our storm!

With their already spiked and star-studded lineup of artists decimating their Texan region with constant releases, show appearances, and industrious involvements across the board; the ladies and gents of this hive are unprecedented. Turning heads and breaking necks is the game, Veridian Management is the name.

This is The Veridian Management Takeover Week.

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[ MELTD: Interview ]

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Q1: Welcome to our storm! For our readers and newly gained soon-to-be fans, who is MELTD ? Briefly walk us through your origin story and decision to choose your name!

A1: Origin story hmmmm where to begin…
Best off you could say my musical journey started off as a kid probably in about middle school when I would lead sing for a band (Young Generations). It was fun as a kid mainly would play first Fridays at Blue Star in San Antonio, Texas and small other gigs! Also, of course, like most musically influenced kids I took after school violin lessons and mainly taught myself a bunch of random rock songs on guitar.
So honestly my decision to choose my name is definitely a more hilarious one than anything…
I have always loved EDM-anything from Bass Hunter – DotA to CascadaEverytime We Touch. I’ve always wanted to create and reproduce the same sound, but liked the idea of doing it the hard way (making my own presets etc.). So I’d often take acid and literally sit on VSTS, Ableton, etc. basically melting away at my computer sometimes for days on end til I figured it out. Hence Melt’d seemed to be a good choice

Q2: Being a Texas resident must have bigger benefits in regard to music. What has been most constructive to you in The Lone Star State?

A2: Honestly I was born & raised in Texas it literally embodies and probably pours out of every random fluid that may come out of my body. So blood, sweat, tears, etc. It’s the reason my logo is a cow skull. Idk what I’d do without it because it definitely sculpted my art and views into who I am today.
TEXAS!! (thick country accent) 

Nathen Lane Media

Q3: Your Sampl3r track is super wild. It looks as if your music varies in genres often such as in comparison to Idek Bruv. Where does that inspiration come from?

A3: It’s literally just all creative to me I love that aspect. I never wanted to be like anyone else and I pride myself on veering away from the norm as much as possible! Every sound I make I try to completely um, fuck it up… I guess as much as possible and I love that aspect. So just like back in the day I’ll spend easily weeks if not months on tracks tweaking knobs til I get whatever I feel is necessary. “Art”. 

Q4: What can your fans expect for the rest of 2020? What about anticipate for 2021?

A4: So honestly quite a bit… I currently have a lot of unreleased that my manager Justin and I are strategically planning to release! As well I’m apart of a SICK duo called OKTO (ok 2) which is a major love of mine as well! So in between my own stuff as well as our collabs (a good 8 unreleased tracks already) as well as our content currently out, I plan to just keep pushing shows such as Dirty Monkey on the 4th. But also plan to just keep pushing art out! I love Photoshop and making stuff in Premier Pro, I definitely want to release some more video content soon so honestly a whole lot. Which is dope!

Q5: Who do you see killing it in your area and beyond? Give them a shout-out!

A5: So, a lot of homies…
Drizz – Easily, he a close homie and I’m a huge fan.
LovelyBones–  fairly new homies but honestly they are ride or dies already so super stoked for them
Zeke Nasty – so this is the guy also in OKTO with me and I honestly couldn’t hype this guy up enough. He’s taught me a lot is a genuine dude and has been killin it from past projects like Zeke & Zoid til now with tons of new music and just creative juice the kids honestly one to watch. Love that guy for real! 
The entire VERIDIAN team! For sure couldn’t be more thankful for these guys & girls, for real they definitely bring an energy and just vibe that is like none other.
And honestly the Baked Up family! Really cool ppl barely started hanging out with a lot of em but they are def killin it! 
Basically any homie I have I really love to support everyone so shout out the rest of y’all you know who you are!! But I could name tons! Definitely wanna thank you all at MONSOON SEASON! For taking the time out of your day and basically just having me rant! But it means the world y’all keep doing y’all’s thing! Cause I’ve already heard hella about y’all (All GREAT things of course) and love to see the come up! Thanks again, much love!

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