XVERNIGHT – Suffer [Track Write-Up]

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[Hungary-based] bass duo XVERNIGHT are imprinting their way across the globe via their unearthly track, keeping it deep, dark, and exciting; this next track is no different. Blaring with unmatchable bass, their newest release ‘Suffer‘ sits at the highest peaks, looking down on a lot of tracks. Being a first of the year release, the standard is set. Gleaming, topped with crisp, punchy, and ferocious basslines to carry away the cold. The two sure put in the work as they build the track into a hellacious auditory monument.

Mustering inspiration as young producer from the ages of hip-hop, techno, and experimental; the two really center it into a cohesive package as they are now XVERNIGHT. Hitting you with bass, again, and again. Let this be an example of their potential repertoire for 2021 and beyond. Brace for impact.

Creative Writer, Tate thought:

Well, this is one hell of a way to enter the new year! XVERNIGHT has created some flavor with this track, “Suffer”. The vibe kicks off right away with the melodic vocal carrying through to the drop. When the bass kicks in, you feel that wobbly bass and hard-hitting percussion fill the room. The ambience behind this track is mesmerizing and keeps the audience pulled in patiently awaiting that second drop. “Suffer” is well built from the sound design to the full structure as a final product. Don’t sleep on XVERNIGHT! After dropping heat like this, there is no telling what else they can bring to the table!

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