Saunter – Prismatic [Track Write-Up]

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Saunter – Prismatic

There have been a ton of surprises presented to the dubstep scene in the year 2020. Most of these occurrences go without mentioning and have affected our lives forever. One of the most positive surprises to grace 2020 is the rise of a new style of production referred to as “Color Bass” or “Future Riddim.” While a lot of songs created recently within this new sphere of sound leave the listener searching for the groove pattern Saunter comes to the forefront with Prismatic. With one of the most dance friendly Color Bass tracks to date.

We begin this throwback vibed journey as warm and comforting synths that greet the ear with a friendly touch build up nicely with a punchy kick drum into a drop that is nostalgic yet futuristic at the same time. Chiptune style synthesizers lead the way and set the pace for this syncopated journey that urges the listener to feel the groove and get lost in the moment. If you were intrigued by the Phonon track “Polyriddim” then you should be pleasantly surprised by this work of art presented by Saunter. IF you want to move your body and dance you will be pleasantly surprised by the way Prismatic delivers that steady Riddim Kick & Clap we have all grown to expect while simultaneously showcasing the fresh color Bass synths all the while keeping the attention firmly grounded in the now moment.

The hybridization of different sound designs fuse together nicely to present a Future Riddim aka Color Bass track that is thoroughly enjoyable. Be on the lookout for the rise of Saunter, I for one cannot wait for the next release.

Written by: Travis Bisbee


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