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Q1. Your name is relatively unique, how did you become SubKahnScience?

A1: Well surprisingly the story isn’t too wild. a good friend of mine and myself were hanging out one night shortly after i decided to learn how to DJ and we were brainstorming ideas together and eventually got on the topic of how music makes you feel and how it can change things within your
subconscious and it just kind of clicked with me to have my name become what
it is just spelled funny.

Q2. How does your name play into your music and performing?

A2: Just like with the way i decided on my name i feel bass music is a catalyst for thought and for learning as well as the expression i feel when playing just like my OGs told me “you’re controlling a vibe” And to me That is very important and I wanna dig into people’s emotions and make them dance or at the very least feel something deep!

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Q3. Recent events of the world have the masses down in the dumps, How do you stay positive in tough times?

A3: For me, I am constantly listening to music! Its my greatest escape and I spend the majority
of my time finding new tracks or just playing tunes recording mixes and never see the light of day.
I also spend lots of times outdoors whether it be watching the sunsets or smoking a cig and enjoying coffee or jay. I do also play video games every now and then been on a huge Warzone kick lately but try not to spend too much time not being productive i feel staying active with yourself physically as well as mentally is super important these days

Q4. Who are your idols or other artists that inspire you?

A4: Oh dude I am ALWAYS blown away by my friends and peers I feel as if though I am very blessed to know the people I do and being able to draw inspiration from having those people in my life
as far as individuals that i really feel influence me as far as music goes would be my great friends Provoke (Perry Michaels) 13 Swords (Jeremy Payne) Prometheus (you) Danktone (Addy Bugbee) And Johnny Reaper (Paul Hoover) I think without any of these guys I would not have had the opportunities or be where I’m at musically or mentally and definitely extremely grateful to have met and worked with them.

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Q5. If you could have known one thing at the beginning of your journey what would have helped the most?

A5: Uhm this is a hard one and as a person I am always learning and growing and progressing and failing and trying again and I think that’s the most important lesson to learn is that no matter (and trust me there will be hardship and failure) you have to keep pushing and keep and open and honest mindset in order to get where you deserve you have to adapt and rewrite the path for yourself above all else.

Q6. Do you plan on making music? And if so what genre peaks your interest?

A6: Ya know that is something I’ve considered in the past as well as recently and i’m still unsure whether or not i’ll dive into making music seriously I have dabbled in it here and there making lofi beats and hip hop instrumentals but never for anything other than fun, I feel if i did decide to make music seriously I’d probably write bass music either dubstep or drum and bass those as a DJ have been my favorite genres to play so i figure it would be the direction id go but as for now i’ll probably just stick to playing tunes and making low quality hip hop beats.

Q7. I’ve personally seen your love for Drum and Bass, But is there another genre that tops your love for it?

A7: this one is hard lol I LOVE DNB but my origins started in dubstep so i think if there was a genre that could compete with that spot Dubstep would definitely be it! I have however been getting into some other genres and have been really enjoying them as well but still
DnB every day til I’m skankin’ in my grave.

Q8. 3 people you would like to collaborate with? (dead or alive)

A8: Oh shit you know that’s something I’ve never really thought of before, I’m gonna break it down to 3 genres.

Dubstep- Biome or Congi (sorry cant pick one)

Drum and Bass- Invadhertz

And as a final I’d probably say Tipper to be honest! Although he doesn’t really fit into what i play or what I’d make but I really appreciate his craftsmanship and sound design and I think he might be my favorite producer as of right now.

Q9. This is my favorite question. Why do you music? What drives you to push the culture as you do and bring the community the music it needs?

A9: ESCAPE! music is meant to make you feel to transport you to somewhere new and exhilarating
CONNECTION music to me is also about connecting whether it be to yourself or to someone else we can all relate to it in different and similar ways EXPRESSION as with the other reasons music gives you the ability to express yourself in so many ways from playing records to dancing to poetry to hip hop and jazz and every other genre it’s a way for people to understand and express parts of them they may have never been able to before the culture of bass music is something I will always respect and love for giving people an outlet to do those three things and with that its something I will always push and always continue to contribute

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Q10. Everyone Shines but not everyone gets credit, Who in your mind deserves a shout out and recognition

A10: good god there are too many people to shout out right now but i’ll do my best. First and foremost I always wanna thank my friends and family who have always supported me and given me the ability to be myself and to feel loved without you guys i wouldn’t be where i am today. Secondly I’d like to thank the dudes who helped me start this crazy journey and the ones who continue to help me grow musically and mentally also shout-out to you guys for bringing more light to the scene and for always providing quality content.

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