Dope Soul Entertainment: The Founders and Creators of Electric PowWow Festival in Utah [Interview]

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Please welcome Dope Soul Entertainment to the storm!

Welcome to the storm. My name is Travis! I am stoked to meet you. I have heard some really cool things about Dope Soul Entertainment, but I am really excited to hear all about it right from the source of “Dopeness.”

Q1: Travis – What is the origin of “Dope Soul Entertainment?”

A1: Tra – I realized back in 2016 that I wanted to organize events. I had expressed to my Father the different aspects of my dream and vision and one day he shared a quote with me. “Be such a dope soul that people crave your vibe.” He suggested to me that we should use “Dope Soul” in the title and that’s how we came up with the name “Dope Soul Entertainment” for the first time. I met my business partner Daniel Johnson in 2017 and there was no looking back from that point. When 2018 came around the usage of “Dope Soul” as an acronym emerged. Dope Soul means, “Doing Our Part Everyday Sharing Our Universal Love.”

Q2: Travis- Could you please share with us all some of the different things that Dope Soul Ent. brings to the table as an organization?

A2:Tra- Dope Soul Entertainment brings many different things to the table. We provide our own staging, lighting, sound and projection gear to our events. We also manage a great team of artists including Dub Vader, Muzak, CYB3R BULLI3S, CXLXRADX and Unknowing. We also boast a roster of over 20 DJs for any event from wedding or birthday parties all the way to corporate events. IT honestly doesn’t even stop there. We also do graphic design, vinyl printing and photography.

Dub Vader pictured

Q3: Travis– What is something Dope Soul has accomplished that you are really proud of doing?

A3: Tra- I would say that our biggest accomplishment is a 3 day camping and art festival called “Electric PowWow” or EPW. We call it our baby! We throw the event annually in Huntsville, Utah and it is our most important show to us. Not just because of our financial commitment to the event but also because of what the events purpose is. We have teamed up with a group of Native Americans to create a unique learning experience centered around their teachings of cultural history in music, dancing and art. EPW 2021 will feature an addition of a fourth stage as well as some of the best sound rigs in the state of Utah including rigs from Void Acoustics and Element 5. Other local crews such as Jaguar Cult and N.S.K. also have stage takeovers at the event.

EPW Festival

Q4: Travis- How did you fall in love with EDM to the point where you felt inclined and led to create a brand to tell your own story in this scene?

A4: Tra– We are trying to bring peace, unity and freedom to this whole world and honestly it was the community that I fell in love with more so than the music. Don’t get me wrong, I love the music but the community means more to me. I am really excited for the summer of 2021 and hopefully being able to contribute to further growing Utahs next biggest camping and music festival. I’m really looking forward to EPW 2021.

Crizzly pictured

Travis– Thank you for your time Tra! I cannot wait to attend the next Electric PowWow! Congrats for all your previous accomplishments and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Tra– Thank you for doing this interview with me! Please check out our website Check out this recap video from the first Electric PowWow!


[ Recap Video ]

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