GRIMII. From Metal To Dubstep. The Aggression Remained

Gian Zeballos, or as we now know, is GRIMII. This up and coming producer puts it down with his tunes, and has progression on his mind. Being already a musician before his career in dubstep, he know what sounds good, and what sounds grimy.
Please welcome GRIMII to the storm.

Question 1: Welcome to the storm! Your birthday was this past week! Happiest of birthdays to you! We are elated to have you. What can you tell us about your music origin story?

Answer 1: Yo thanks for having me! The origin of GRIMII actually started from metal, After a few failed metal projects I wanted to start something that I could be as heavy and evil as metal but different and without the need of a full band . I got invited to my first festivals around that time and heard Snails and  Excision play and it was basically set in stone that I was going to start making dubstep from that day on 

Question 2: You give dubstep a new flare. Where does this fascination of bass come from?

Answer 2:  just love strong aggressive low sounds man. Always had a thing for aggressive music since I was little 

Question 3: Your collaboration with Verst ‘QUARTERS’ is assuredly wild to say the least. What sort of creative process went into a duo project like that, in your eyes?

Answer 3: Thank you! It’s actually kinda interesting the way this song happen, So basically Verst and I would give each other daily challenges to keep music production fresh. In One of the challenges I gave Verst some bass presets I made so he can tweak and make it sound like his own (that was the challenge) . He made an 8bar loop that got me HYPED and the rest was history. We fed off each other creativity and just had fun . Next thing you know we had a collaboration

Question 4: Who are your biggest inspirations in music?

Answer 4: Motionless In White , INFEKT, Svdden Death, Tynan, Knocked Loose, HE$H, old electronic scene music and MARAUDA inspire my music heavy.

Question 5: Eating and or drinking before a set? Yay or nay? Why?

Answer 5: Yay to both. I eat very light before a set because I get too excited so I need something in my system and drinking light to calm my nerves.

Question 6: What can expect to see in the coming months from GRIMII?

Answer 6: definitely more music! I feel like I’m constantly evolving and have so much I want share but I’m trying to pace myself haha. 

Question 7: With remixes on your SoundCloud for heavy hitters like Infekt and Chibs, which are both destructively good. Damn good job! Where does the Disciple liking derive from?

Answer 7: I mean what is there not to like? Every artist that disciple represents absolutely filthy .INFEKT, MVRDA , Chibs , 12th Planet, Virtual Riot, Phase One, etc. There is so many heavy hitters on that label.

Question 8: Where do you see yourself in five years? Give us a glimpse of that 2025 utopia year!

Answer 8: A Utopian 2025 would definitely have me playing a dirty set at Lost Lands main stage. That’s the goal right there . I would be set . 

Question 9: What goes into your day-in-the-life? Sun up to sun down!

Answer 9: Well with COVID going on still my life has pretty sweet and simple! I just work on music all day and play Apex Legends! Try to get a solid work out in as much as I can . I can’t complain!

Question 10: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a healthy shout-out!

Answer 10: So man honestly ! A lot of people from Defyre society are going to pop off in the next few years . Verst has dope sound keep an eye on him! MOODSVINGS is ridiculous and so talented. BENZO$ is making moves! Sora is makings moves, versa , GAWM , Heaven Fell are all killing it right now


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