Acer Vantes. The Electro-Tornado Of Kansas’s Midwest Music Madness

Angel Cervantes, or more notably known as Acer Vantes, is an electro-house/dubstep artist hailing from Kansas. This upbeat artist is turning heads and breaking necks of the masses. His inspiring approach to music is the kind you can sit down and take notes for. With originals and remixes that are so unique and a surefire dance hits, you can assure we had some questions.
Please welcome Acer Vantes to the storm.

Question 1: Welcome to the storm! We are elated to have you in the downpour. What can you tell us about your music origin story?

Answer 1: Thank you for having me! Though I forgot to bring my swimsuit to prep up before this storm so now I’m drenched. Any who, it all started a decade ago when I attended my first EDM concert. Tiesto was the headliner and I just fell in love with the scenery. The lights, the music, the people smiling, everything. Weeks later, I began learning Garageband in high school. Started playing around with the sounds and instruments and it kept reminding me of the concert I went to. That’s when I made a decision that I wanted to be a DJ and a music producer.

Question 2: You give dubstep and electro-house a new flare. Where does this fascination of dance music come from?

Answer 2: Usually from going to dance music events, festivals, and playing video games on a daily basis where it’s got dance music involved. When it comes to dubstep and electro house, I love how energetic and aggressive it can get and I always enjoy putting my own flare on the subgenres. I’m often told that I have a unique sound when it comes to listening to my tracks or seeing me live on stage and it makes me happy to hear it.

Question 3: Your collaboration with Late Brunch is assuredly wild to say the least. What sort of creative process went into a duo project like that?

Answer 3: Riots are pretty wild, even musically. An interesting fact about Late Brunch is that he is mainly tech and bass. He has never ventured electro house before and has always wanted to. So he was the one who messaged me first to compliment my track “Collide” and wish to make a track with me similar to that electro house vibe. I was very delighted to hear it so of course I accepted the collaboration offer and showed him the ropes. We started trading melodic and drop ideas back and forth via email and DMs. I’ll admit I kept throwing more sounds into the project without leaving room for him to work with and I felt bad! Not to say he didn’t do any of the work, though. He definitely threw some of his bass sounds into the mix and it blended pretty well. After a while, it became one killer track and is part of a charity compilation album by Gone Postal Records called #PEACE2020

Question 4: Who are your biggest inspirations in music and outside of music?

Answer 4: Pegboard Nerds, Knife Party, Deadmau5, Seven Lions, the list goes on and on, honestly. Outside of music, I have my beloved mom. She’s always singing her heart out at home and gives me some good ideas for my next track. She gives me kitchen tools and laundry machines as examples and it makes me smile. When i was very young, she would put on sing-along videos and cassettes for me to sing and dance to. So without her, music would have never been by my side all the time. She’s been my biggest fan, inspiration, and full-time supporter and I love her dearly for that.

Question 5: Eating and or drinking before a set? Yay or nay? Why?

Answer 5: Definitely get a good meal on you before a big set. I would hate to be on stage with an empty stomach and it has happened a few times before. If by drinking you mean bottles of water, then heck yeah. Gotta stay hydrated before and during a set. But I don’t really plan on getting super drunk. I remember Halloween night 2018 when I was the headliner for a packed event. I chugged a whole cup of Jungle Juice and got pretty tipsy minutes before my set. I asked for bottles of water to place next to the decks and the crew got it all set up for me the moment I stepped on stage. I chugged about 2-3 bottles of water during my set so I could get the alcohol off my system and not pass out. Thankfully I survived and the night was successful. So yeah. Lesson learned: stay on the sober level before a set and then have fun responsibly afterward.

Question 6: What can expect to see in the coming months from Acer Vantes?

Answer 6: Well, as soon as the world calms down from this pandemic nightmare, you can expect me to be back on stage and playing lots of new tunes for everyone. Actually, you can catch me playing a live stream event this September called Awareness Festival. It tackles suicide prevention awareness and we want to help provide options for those that are struggling right now during these hard times. Other than that, I’m on full production mode with some unfinished projects to work on. Been releasing remixes as part of the Disciple competition lately. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but it was still fun to participate. I would really like to get a second EP started, too.

Question 7: With remixes on your SoundCloud for heavy hitters like Chime, Modestep, Oliverse and Myro which are all alarmingly good. Damn good job on all of them! Where does the Disciple liking derive from?

Answer 7: Thank you very much! I’ve been a fan of Disciple for as long as I can remember. Artists like the ones you named off have very unique tracks that I admire a lot. And when I saw them get signed and released in the label, I became more intrigued with other artists who are also signed. They release stems and acapellas for any aspiring producer who wishes to have their take on the tracks, and when I sought the opportunity, I wasted no time. I completely changed the aspect of the track and made it sound more like myself. Sometimes I even amaze myself with the outcome.

Question 8: Where do you see yourself in five years? Give us a glimpse of that 2025 Utopian year!

Answer 8: I see myself stepping out of my comfort zone by getting out of Kansas and traveling around the world. Being able to perform in more and more events and festivals like Red Rocks, Superbowl, Ultra, Electric Forest, Imagine, Tomorrowland, EDC, (etc.) Maybe have a wonderful supporting lady by my side to see me grow and chase my dreams. Or it’ll just be me sitting on a throne of tacos and a horchata waterfall on the side.

Question 9: What goes into your day-in-the-life of Acer? Sun up to sun down!

Answer 9: During my off days, I wake up, eat breakfast, do clean-ups around the house, eat lunch, make music, play video games, eat dinner, play more video games or make more music, then sleep time. There are days where I’m currently at my daytime job working at a news/TV station as a master control operator and director of the newscast. It’s a very fun job, not gonna lie.

Question 10: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a healthy shout-out!

Answer 10: SHOUT-OUT TO RIPTID3, BRSKI, Prismatix, RyNo, Sp3cialguest, K-JeLiK, Haztekk, Kasa Nova, Bobby Bohn, US2, Slumbr Party, LÜZÏR, Defragz, Sammette, Divinity, 5tonE, proper grammar, and GiO. Just to name a few from the top of my head but these are some of the greatest artists I know in the music scene and they always got amazing music up their sleeves. You are loved, you are appreciated, and you have my full support. Keep grinding and striving to succeed!

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