Jotunn Dubs. The Nordic-Bass Music Producer With An Invasion In Mind.

Devon Morehead, or more well known as his stage-name, Jotunn Dubs joins the storm. This Casper, Wyoming based music producer has worldwide vision. With a heavy influence from his ancestors we already know his ideology is authentic. Please welcome Jotunn Dubs to the storm!

Question 1: Walk us through the fruition days as Jotunn Dubs! What lead you into this world of Jotunn?

Answer 1: It was actually a branding issue that pushed me to look into my ancestry, and ultimately explore the ancient Nordic culture. The Jötunn are a race of beings that predate the Nordic gods, with Ymir (the first Jötunn) creating the world we know today. The Jötnar are a very powerful race, and come in many different shapes and sizes (beautiful or ugly, multiple heads, etc.

Question 2: What has Wyoming done best in terms of music for you?

Answer 2: I was very fortunate to have met the people who were trying to throw raves back in the 90’s here in Wyoming.I had a mentor named AJ who taught me how to mix on vinyl, and support from all the other “old head” DJ’s in the state as well. I think the rave scene has always been in Wyoming, but the internet plays a huge role now, where more outbound marketing would have played a huge role back then.

Question 3: Who is in your scope for upcoming collaborations, big and small?

Answer 3: I’m actually talking with Crimxan about making a tune, but other than that I’m primarily focused on setting myself apart from everyone else in dubstep right now

Question 4: Where do you see yourself in 2025? What does your 5-year paradigm look like?

Answer 4: I see myself supporting other artists who don’t have as much of a following. When I see an artist with little to no following, I think back on the times where my only fans were my few friends, wishing I knew how to break into the scene. As for my 5 year paradigm, we shall see where the Jötnar roam…

Question 5: The drumstep in the mix, cloudBURST whose idea? Where does the nostalgic genre give rise?

Answer 5: The drumstep in the mix, cloudBURST whose idea? Where does the nostalgic genre give rise? Crimxan had the idea of playing drum and bass, he has a special place for the high-energy genre. We have talked about what the scene was turning into and what genre was about to pop off, and drum and bass was one of those genres.

Question 6: What can expect in the near future fro the likes, and respects of Jotunn Dubs?

Answer 6: Get ready for extremely Nordic music. War drums, throat singing, and bukkehorns alike…

Question 7: Do you plan to experiment with other genres, or has Jotunn Dubs found his sound?

Answer: The Jötnar are very diverse creatures, ranging from wholesome beauty to wicked evil. I have made other genres in the past, but dubstep hits a certain chord with me personally

Question 8: In terms of bass music and beyond, who was your ultimate idol?

Answer 8: I draw heavy inspiration from Badklaat, his stompy, gritty, flow has always piqued my interest. But I spend my time listening to the likes of the Eagles, Grover Washington Jr., and Bill Withers, as well as hip hop artists such as Tyler the Creator, Isaiah Rashad, and Mac Miller

Question 9: Eating and or drinking before a set? Do you have a wild regimen for being rambunctious?

Answer 9: I’m fueled by nicotine and anxiety. I actually have stage fright, so eating a meal just makes me sick before a set. I’ll usually enjoy some water/ a light snack to ease my anxiety.

Question 10: Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a shout-out!

Answer 10: The boi Tr!p Hvzvrd is slaying it with the originals right now. And, if you think I’m good, Crimxan is 10x better than me (and that’ s a fact, indisputable)

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