Viscaya. The Miami Metal Band Who is Never Going To Die

As we welcome new genres to the storm we are only going to bring you the best of the best. Viscaya is a wholeheartedly talented metal band from the Sunshine State. Granted the depth and darkness they hold in their music may seem as if there is no light in sight, but trust us when we say their future is bright.
Please welcome Viscaya to the ever-growing storm!


Question 1: Welcome to the storm! We are beside ourselves to have this chance to talk! What can you tell us about the origin/fruition story behind Viscaya?

Answer 1: So since 2013, I and Max have been always making music together and have had our stories that have led up to who we are today. Growing up in Miami, a lot of our friends know each other so we’ve always had the environment to find others who share the same fun we do. Luckily we have friends with a passion to write awesome music. we began around 2016 with a different lineup. As time went on we’ve done so much and have fine-tuned everything we saw ourselves capable of doing until now. things weren’t always pretty, however, we’ve become damn sure of what we want to capture.


Question 2: Who’s all in this band? Can you give us a brief introduction of who is who and does what respectively?

Answer 2: I’m Dany and I’m the vocalist, Max is our high-impact risk-taking guitarist, Lorenzo is our brutal hitmakin’ drummer, and Joey is our brilliant and visionary bassist. Together we are Viscaya and there’s nothing we love more in life than a good time and some real loud heart-stopping music.

Question 3: Never Say Die was a massive production, all around. From the music to the video. What sort of feeling went into that project and the creative process behind it?

Answer 3: When writing Never Say Die (NSD), I really took a dive into how I felt without too much thought into an arrangement. (late May, things weren’t too hot and it was a bit of a tough month) it’s interesting how the song kind of wrote itself and we were really able to capture a current emotion that encapsulates a lot of what I feel is prevalent in what’s been happening this year. NSD makes me want to move every time I play it, love it.

Question 4: What do you feel Miami does best in terms of music?

Answer 4: It’s a very bright city. Growing up on South Beach everything is flashy and in-your-face, a lot of wild times and long nights for sure. it’s hard not to have a real good time here. the different cultures here in Miami are beautiful. it’s not all rock music though, a lot of loud bass music resides here in Miami and it makes up a lot of what gets the city its attraction. Nightlife in Miami is something I’ve always loved.

Question 5: What do you feel has changed the most since the days of Oasis?

Answer 5: Four years change so much, from good times to bad times and everything else in between. we’ve learned so much within ourselves in who we are, and we want to reciprocate it in ways we could never imagine possible. from our talents to how we’ve been able to become almost battle-hardened in our everyday lives when it comes to the challenges when facing anything that heads our way. A message we sure as hell want to share with others that I know may feel the same.

Question 6: What has been the highlight moment in the band’s lifetime thus far?

Answer 6: Way too many. From playing with Danny Worsnop and being able to open for Bad Omens. It’s been one hell of a ride and we’ve never wanted it more than now. So many intense nights we’ll never forget. My real highlight though is waking up to the sweetest and most heartwarming messages we get from our listeners. Having them with us makes our lives a bit easier and it makes me as grateful as can be.

Question 7: Where is the dream venue to play? Dream festival/show?

Answer 7: I would love to play Download in Paris, France in a heartbeat, and if by any chance it hell it were to ever happen again, I’d have to play Warped Tour in the states. it’s too late for any of that but to me, it’s not over til’ i say so.


Question 8: Being in the EDM scene we see a lot of diverse and experimental music ventures take place. Do you guys see yourselves experimenting with a different genre?

Answer 8: Dany-Without a doubt, however, keep in mind we love our rock music more than anything else, fast-paced sounds are forever captivating for us no matter what new sounds we bring to our records.

Question 9: Who do you guys see killing it lately? Give them a shoutout!

Answer 9: Huge love to our awesome friends from Bound To The Anchor! Real close friends of ours with loads of talent!

P.S. Sending love to all our fans all over the world!! – Viscaya

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