Super-fan: Pixel Terror

Music has a special place in all of our hearts. We display this affection by listening to their music, promoting it, and supporting them as artists. Sometimes, the support and love is stronger and more evident than others.
Our next Q&A is from a deep-down Pixel Terror fan. If you are a Pixel Terror, I’m almost certain she is more of a fan than you.
Please Welcome, Alex!

Question 1: We met on Twitter. Which leaves a lot of anonymity to work with. Can you introduce yourself?

Answer 2: Gladly! I’m Alexandra, rather go by Alex. I’m 22; I live in New Mexico, and I’m a part-time student and employee.

Question 2: For the unknowing reader, what music artist will you be talking about today.

Answer 2: Today, I’ll be talking about the mighty bass lords, Pixel Terror!

Question 3: Why are they so special to you?

Answer 3: They’re special to me for two things. One is the time I found them. I was starting some massive life changes around the time I found them, and they helped me find the courage to act. And two is the music. It’s just so diverse. They can tackle any genre and make it sound so new and alive.


Question 4: What can you tell us about Bentley and Ahrya? Do you know them on a personal level?

Answer 4: I have not met Ahrya yet. I can tell he at least likes my art. And Bentley, God do I love him. He has this aura around him that just radiates positivity. I don’t care if I’m angry or lonely, it all goes away when I’m with him. His energy, his vibes, he’s just a wonderful person all around. (And now I miss him.)

Question 6: What are your favorite Pixel Terror tracks?

Answer 6: Favorite tracks, oh boy, that has kept me up some nights. Let’s see, Amnesia, Enigma, Dystopia,Obsidian w/ D-Sab, Machina, Pulse, Nebula, Starlight, Submerge, Ultima, and Arctica.

Question 7: What has been your highlight Pixel Terror moment?

Answer 7: Highlight Pixel Terror moment… that would easily be my tattoo on my right arm. I got it while up on a vacay in Denver to go see them (just Bentley) live. It was the day of the show, and the tattoo artist did a fantastic job! When I met Bentley later that night, he loved it! It was all just so great!


Question 8: Do you own any of their merch? Which is your favorite?

Answer 8: Yeah I have their merch! I have three t-shirts that are official; one t-shirt, one pashmina, and a mouth mask that’s all custom; and two more t-shirts and a hoodie on the way! (Whenever it’ll arrive.)


Thank you so much Alex. We are thrilled you decided you gave us your time to go into the pixelated world of terror!

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