WYTE WØLF & CHOZEN’s New Dubstep Collab “THE STØRM” Surges w/ Electricity [Track Write-Up + Interview]

NEW BASS MUSIC: WYTE WØLF & CHOZEN‘s New Dubstep Collab “THE STØRM” Takes Listeners On A Sonic Ride Through The Thunderous & Melodic Clouds Above

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Both Atlanta, Georgia’s WYTE WØLF, and CHOZEN collide in effortless fashion with the release of their new dubstep collaboration “THE STØRM“. The collaboration garners epically delivered melodic vocal work, cinematic overtones, and mind-altering drops sure to make any headbanger break the rail.

From start to finish, WYTE WØLF and CHOZEN showcase their exceptional capability of creating a truly mesmerizing production as a musically cohesive unit. The nearly minute-long intro captivates listeners in an effortless and welcoming style. The melodic and ethereal vocal bits that lace this collab are combined with breathtaking build-ups, cinematic elements, and basslines that will leave you ready to rage before the song’s end.

These two are no stranger to giving their fans the music they didn’t know they wanted. With impressive discographies coming from both producers, this new collaboration will fit perfectly and supplement their decorated repertoire of immaculate electronic dance music bangers.

In the hours since it was uploaded to digital shelves, the collab is nearing over a thousand streams on SoundCloud and Spotify, showing no signs of slowing its upward trend. As “THE STØRM” rages on, we will be sure to report on the thunderous wake it has on the bass music community and listeners alike. Until then, let’s chat with the two, WYTE WØLF and CHOZEN about their new collaborative effort titled – “THE STØRM”.

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Q1: Welcome to our torrential downpour to you both. Where can we trace the cord back to the wall with “THE STØRM“? Where did this project all begin? 

A1: This project’s inception was when we found two samples—a distant thunderstorm and a beautiful melodic vocal loop. These simple elements immediately sparked a massive idea. We wanted to create something that was very emotional…something that tells a cinematic story that explores the journey through space and time. We felt like the longer intro and climactic first drop worked quite well together. Storms are dynamic and evolving, and we wanted the listener to experience these aspects from start to finish. There are three unique drops—each encapsulating the varying styles of sound design and production we each possess—that maintain an explosive listening experience throughout the track.


Q2: Which DAW was “THE STØRM” created on? Can you walk us through some key creative processes that this track went under to achieve its dynamic luster for listeners?

A2: THE STØRM was created in Ableton Live 11. We both have very different production and artistic styles and wanted to develop a song that incorporated both melodic and harder-hitting elements. We namely used Serum, a significant amount of post-processing, and some resampling to achieve the final product. A lot of raw syntheses and a solid combination of bass design resulted in an evenly flowing yet unique auditory journey. One of our favorite parts about collaborating with other artists is being able to pull signature production techniques and styles from one another. 


Q3: What was the most challenging aspect of this collab and how did you both overcome the challenge? 

A3: We would say the hardest part was the fact that we are both extreme perfectionists. The song was in production for almost a year and a half, with constant updates, tweaks, and edits being made throughout. We wanted to ensure that it was as surgically polished as possible before release. 


Q4: We were instantly magnetized to the storm aspect of this release. Where did the idea of naming your collab “THE STØRM” come from? 

A4: As the main theme and underlying tone of the song really began to come to fruition, we realized that the cataclysmic yet ethereal vibes truly represented the notion of being in the center of a tumultuous storm. We proceeded to include moving rain samples, thundering toms and great reverb washes to really envelop the experience all together. To seal the deal, we decided to surprise viewers by not using the expected “twister in the rain” idea for our cover art—instead, we opted for an interplanetary expedition, centering around a purple spaceship making its descent into the throes of a red planet experiencing apocalypse. 


Q5: The collab is a symphonic display of what ethereal vocal work and calculated bass production can become under the lens of two people. Can we expect more collaborative work from you both and when? Let your fans and listeners know! 

A5: 1000%! We are both great friends and will without a doubt be working together a lot in the coming years!


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