BBX Opens Up About His Origin & Newly Released “Black And Gold” EP on Dirtysnatcha Records [EP Write-Up]

EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Rising Ohioan Bass Music Producer, BBX Steps Into Our Storm Bearing His Four-Track “Black And Gold” EP via Dirtysnatcha Records

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▼ We Explore BBX‘s History, Dance Music Journey, & The NEW Groundbreaking 4-Track ‘Black And Gold‘ EP on Dirtysnatcha‘s Record Label Imprint – DIRTYSNATCHA RECORDS

Former beatboxing aficionado, current ascending electronic music producer, and mentor to many – Jordan Reid is known as BBX on stage. He is a growing force to be reckoned with in the greater Columbus, Ohio area in today’s electronic music industry.

If you haven’t heard of BBX, listen up, because we have quite the story to report on in this article and you WILL need to buckle in for a wild ride to hear about his inspiring introduction to music and EDM thereafter.

BBX has been cutting his teeth and scraping his knees since day one as a musician in his respective genres as they naturally played out in his life, leading him to where he is now; releasing his 4-track EP – “Black And Gold” on the famed and rising label, Dirtysnatcha Records. But first let’s understand how it all started and how it got him to where he is today, in our spotlight.

pic: BBX

How It All Started

From a young age, Jordan had dealt with troubling and difficult situations that most children don’t and shouldn’t have to endure but that very same negative and daunting cloud that idled above his head eventually dissipated and he soon found his sunny spot in the world and that was with music.

Jordan discovered beatboxing in 2011, specifically former beatboxer and now rapper AhBeaTz, (who has two collabs with BBX now) and then shortly after, discovering dubstep as a genre and culture/movement, catching his attention with a stronghold – changing the entire course of his future to this day.

pic: BBX

Wasting no time, Jordan dived ten toes deep into beatboxing and listening to dubstep, enveloping himself in the passion, obsession, and skilled talent of beatboxing. Whether it was watching YouTube videos, tutorials, or even taking what he had learned at his high school in the Southside of Columbus.

One day, the high school’s principal overhears Jordan and his classmates beatboxing in a group and then everything changes. For the better, that is.

The school principal approaches Jordan, taps him on his shoulder, and asks him to follow him to his office. Jordan obviously thinks he is in trouble, and to his surprise, he is congratulated and given compliments, and even an offer to participate in the school’s Freestyle Fridays – an artistic creative outlet for students to share their work with the school body.

It was this moment that generated a series of fortunate events for Jordan‘s BBX project that will transform his life for the better and ultimately become the best outcome for a once-troubled teen from the Southside of Columbus, OH.

From beatboxing, to producing electronic music, DJing/performing, filming commercials, and making connections in the dance music industry, Jordan found his calling as a musician, and hasn’t looked back.

This is BBX and his time is now.

pictured: BBX Live

Black And Gold: EP Coverage

The Black And Gold” EP consists of four all-new and passionately created and strategically curated tracks titled “Eight Six”, “Black And Gold”, “Shook”, and “Crushed Glass” which he fervently believes is “his best work yet” and a body of work that is cohesive and collectively acts as an episodic storytelling vessel encapsulating his genesis, rise, and ascending refinement as an electronic producer and multi-genre musician.

In the words of BBX regarding “Black And Gold – “A body of work that defines the dark, hood, and aggressive sounds of BBX”

This is his life’s work all coming together synergistically, one moment leading into the next, as a fatefully full circle moment in time for BBX. Each chapter of his life has influenced and evolved into this hyper-surreal moment in time that is now, the release of the “Black And Gold” EP, and the start of a new beginning for the budding bass music act.

According to Jordan, he feels his current discography wasn’t really planned, with no real connection between releases, and feels this new EP will show his listeners and fans since day one, what he’s been cooking in the BBX kitchen over the last year and what is to expect going forward after his new EP.

If you are as ready as we are, get stoked to get stoked with us as we explore this four-track masterpiece from the Midwest’s most alluring and promising dance music producers to ever touch our skies.

This is BBX and this is his time to illuminate fans and listeners with the luster of his NEW rap/dubstep fused “Black And GoldEP on Dirtysnatcha Records.

Eight Six

With my car enthusiast brand, you know I got hyped as hell to discover this banging track about the legendary Trueno AE86 and to have an absolute menace behind the beat to back it, so much better! BBX has been boppin’ on Tiktok and slid his way into the Dirtysnatcha Records gang with this track.

The melody comes out strong and gets you bouncing out the gate with the beautiful sounds of cars revving and squealing tires! Then the verse line comes in, “Haters gonna hate trick” – this line hits and the drop hits even harder. BBX slammed this 86 to the ground with the groovy synth on the first drops. It’s a body mover for sure! The heavy, distorted bass drop comes through second and it’s bound to create mosh pits and get the headbangers going!

This song from beginning to end cares a lot about that older style dub hop beat with the modern and guttural bass sound, and each drop has a different flow bringing a lot of diversity to the overall track, we all love a song with three drops.

I may have some bias with the rating here but I am telling y’all, loving the car culture or not, this song is a heater and you need to add it to your playlists or USBs. It was an honor to review such amazing work and be on the lookout for more from BBX!

Black And Gold

We start this track with some police sirens in the distance, you know trouble is coming! A little hi-hat toe-tapper,  the vocal, that is the song title, is being chopped and scratched to bring the trap alive in this track. Don’t let that fool you, the legend that is, BBX, sets it off with this one, I mean who doesn’t love a solid bass stomper?

The drop is heavier than a Mack truck and slams you just the same, thick sustained basslines with the kick thumping in tandem. This truly belongs on all the bass festival stages, certified heater right here! This song is debuting the new vision of the BBX project and what the future evolution holds for tracks forthcoming. This can only mean the best of things after a track of this caliber.

This track can be found on Dirtysnatcha Records, shoutout the legends over there, and of course on all your favorite streaming platforms. I have told you before and I will say it again – be on the lookout for the future of BBX, his remarkable talent, and that sound design right here!


The third installment on the Black And Gold EP is Shook, garnering low and deepened vocal bits, and pieces that lace the release from start to finish before a long bass-laden breakdown sending the energy into a dazed and hazed evolution from upbeat hair-raising four-on-the-floor bass house energy to a slow burn dubstep spectacle of sound.

BBX showcases his exceptional capability to speed things up for a switch of pace and return to those bone-crushing basslines we all know and love from BBX. However, we can get used to more bass house from BBX because his rendition of the subgenre is something else entirely.

The mix of the looping pre-drop vocal stamps, firearm chamber reload, ground-shaking beat work, and prowess to amp up the energy while honoring his dubstep upbringing is all here and on the front street. 
This installation to the Black And Gold EP is a standup, move, and groove-type beat that all bassheads and house fanatics can dance to, and add to their sets and their charged-up EDM/Bass Music playlists (it’s on ours).

Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass starts off with a bang by maintaining that rap/hip-hop-infused bass music flow that shines in the three subsequent tracks, but supercharging the finale track with attitude and intricacy. Crushed Glass is a highly textured bass release with long-lasting sustains, basslines, and plenty of switch-ups to keep listeners anchored in and ready for the full experience. In it’s 3:06 duration we are transported into BBX’s mind and first-hand get to experience what he has been creating over the months and a taste of what’s to come in his evergrowing discography.

Black And Gold EP | OUT NOW
Dirtysnatcha Records

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