Kuhlosul – DGAF: High Caliber Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[By: Garth Jones]

[Kelowna, British Columbia-based] bass music producer known as Kuhlosul quite frankly doesn’t give a f**k with his newest release on High Caliber Records eloquently titled ‘DGAF‘. A turret of trap music bombards your auditory senses with no regard or intent of letting loose on you.

Bursting with elements of darkness, ‘hyphee’-ness, and attitude; Kuhlosul takes this track to the next level. Starting off with an ominous violin, demented loops of manipulated vocals that crawls into a build-up that quickly ends in ‘I Just Don’t Give A F**K‘, letting into his world of colossal trap proportions. The shifts and switches in texture to the track add in so many pleasant surprises whilst this violin comes back to end the track effortlessly.

photo of: Kuhlosul


Kuhlosol grabs your attention here and keep your attentiveness on lock. The sheer energy he collects in ‘DGAF‘ is ungodly. His repertoire has now grown in addition to his self-releases, tracks with heavy-hitting labels like Emengy, Badkill Records, Syndicate Audio, and Ay Yo Trip! Records, and cannot wait for what is next. We highly recommend turning the volume all the way up, turn your elbows to the sky, and just let go. Your body will know exactly what to do!

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