D3VINITY’s ‘Quantum Computer’ Digitizes The Bass Music Masses via MMXVAC Records [Track Write-Up]

NEW BASS MUSIC: Orlando, FL’s Rising Riddim Artist D3VINITY Fuses Physics & Filthy Bass Music w/ ‘Quantum Computer’ on MMXVAC Records

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Florida-based D3VINITY returns to our skies bearing a riddim-centric audio apparatus of the future titled ‘Quantum Computer‘, being released on the budding label, MMXVAC, on September 1st.

After several wildly rambunctious and reveling releases already under her belt for the 2023 year span, her forward-thinking and original take on what bass music can be remains a spectacle in sound for listeners and fans, headbangers and railbreakers alike.

Quantam Computer razzles the masses with it’s contemporty take on electronic bass music, in specific riddim, and it’s punchy counterparts in the (sub) genre-spectrum.

pictured: D3VINITY

The creative process and genesis of the track is directly inspired by the world of quantum physics, its theories, and laws. From highly-complex superposition fundamentals to what scientists call “entanglement”, and even technological computing in the realm of quantum mechanics.

Whew, pretty impressive, right?


From the get-go, D3VINITY showcases her best and brightest producing skills with this new release, not holding anything back. A true dispaly of what she has going on in her head, to the creation, and execution of combinign it all together – you can seeminlgy understand the complexity that dwells within this release from her, D3VINITY.

Alien Riddim, Moldavite, and MEDUSA are all prime examples of her divine prowess and ability to deliver auditory goods time and time again. And now, Quantum Computer digitizes itself autonomously in her growing discography as a standout body of work that the bass music masses can get lost in, until her next banger hits virtual shelves.

pictured: D3VINITY


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