FELMAX & Daunter Give MUST DIE!’s “CHAOS” A Salubrious Sound via Their NEW Flip [Track Write-Up]

Monsoon Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

FELMAX x Daunter
CHAOS (Flip)

L: Felmax | R: Daunter

U.S.-based Burgeoning Bass Music Icon FELMAX Collabs with Sacramento‘s Rising Producer Daunter on Their NEW Flip of MUST DIE!‘s (2021) Worldwide Dubstep Hit “CHAOS“.

▼ Get ready for a nostalgic dose of yesteryear’s tunes (2021) that we all know by heart, love unconditionally [and refuse to shake from our rotations] get a feral facelift of a flip.

Today’s new-age visionaries, FELMAX and Daunter deliver their fresh and salacious spin on music that we thought couldn’t get any better, showing us all how it’s done.

MUST DIE!‘s ever-largening discography is not only diverse within its genre bandwidth but “The Rat King” (AKA MUST DIE!) holds it down with memorable sound design, menacing and atmospheric elements, and an ultra-futuristic take on bass music that the masses know him for.

In particular, MUST DIE!‘s single on (once was) Never Say Die Records titled “CHAOS“, shook crowds with each passing second of its 3:31 runtime, even til this day, it goes hard.

CHAOS” left an alarming impression on listeners with its unique capability to fuse technological soundscapes, brutal basslines, brass instrumental builds, and catchy pre-drop vocals sure to permanently sear itself in your cranium.

Now, the bass music icon’s well-received tune gets a new sound delivery with the much-awaited flip from FELMAX and Daunter, resulting in one helluva reimagination fit for all bassheads.

FELMAX has been grinding harder by the day, pumping out releases, unforgettable performances at major festivals, and nightclubs, and solidifying his presence in the dubstep industry with effortlessness and skilled prowess.

FELMAX is at the helm of a multitude of knockout releases like his recent collab with Antihero titled “Black Meteorite” via Excision‘s imprint label – Subsidia Records, his massive collaborative effort with JEANIE titled “Signal Breaker”, released on Disciple Round Table, alongside his tune team up with rising bass brother duo LOUIEJAYXX via “Black Nova” out on MALIGNANT earlier this year.

Felmax shares with us:
“I’m super hyped for this one, I’ve been working with Daunter for a while and couldn’t be more proud of his growth as an artist and producer. I’ve played this one out a few times and it goes off every time, hyped to have it out!”

We could go on, but for the sake of time, those three heaters are prime examples of FELMAX‘s madness brewing as of late.

Whew, and now a collaborative flip with Daunter to add to their audio arsenal!? Say less, we’ll say more.

Daunter has wasted no time this year shedding light on who he is, what his music is about, and where his mind goes in the studio. From several Redux flips/bootlegs of tunes by headlining heretics Svdden Death, Excision, Sullivan King, and more famed features to revel in.

Daunter is on the rise and we are standing watch for this meteoric ascension in real time.

Daunter shares with us:

“I am really excited to release this flip with my great friend and mentor FELMAX. Working on this idea is hands down my favorite so far. Working with FELMAX closely as he is one of my mentors has helped me a great deal; and helped me become the artist I am today. I’m thrilled to see what everyone thinks of our flip of Chaos! Enjoy!”


Before you go, familiarize yourselves with both FELMAX and Daunter, then be sure to peep their new flip of “CHAOS” – support and share their music with your bass-infatuated friends. We sure are!

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